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Jeff the Killer X Reader(Lemon) .:Night terrors:.


~Lemon time. Don't Like Don't Read! You should like lemons though....They're awesome~

You're the newest member to the creepy pastas. You're 17 years old. You're Birthday is on Halloween. 

You toss and turn in your bed. You always had night terrors since you were a child but now you had been having really bad ones. You're birthday is in less than a week. You wake up in a cold sweat. You look over at your alarm clock. It's 1:30am.
"Crap. I can't get back to sleep." You get up to go to the bathroom, when you walk out you decide to go down to the kitchen for some juice to calm yourself down.
You're walking down the hall. You pass BENs room, he has his door shut, you walk past Sally's room and she has hers cracked, you peek in to see she's fast asleep. Her demonic teddy turns it's head 180 degrees and gives you an evil look.
"Awh, go to sleep ya dumb bear." The bear ignores you and you keep walking. 
You pass Jeffs room. His door doesn't seem to be locked, You have had a crush on him for sometime and the both of you have had some sexual tension built up for a while. You peek in. It looks like he's not in there, he might have snuck out. Slendy would find out if he did and probably put him on restriction. You walked down the stairs. Your room was on the 2nd floor and Eyeless jack was also on the floor but his room was on the opposite side. You heard his door open.
"________? What are you doing up so late? It's almost 2:00am. Go back to bed." he didn't have his mask on, he was in some plaid pajama pants and a whit tank top. You rarely saw him without his mask and it was rather odd but comforting to see him.
"Sorry EJ. I was just getting a late night snack.What are you still doing up?" 
"Nothing really. I was just surfing the web. And I needed to go to the bathroom"
"Well you should get some sleep too. Good night."
"Night." He walked into his bathroom and you continued down the stairs. When you got into the kitchen you went to the fridge and grabbed a carton of (F/juice) and some (F/ late night snack). You turned around only to see Jeff sitting at the table eating a sandwich.
"Whoa! What the cheese!" you said half shocked, half trying to keep yourself from yelling loud enough to wake people.
"What?" Jeff asked with a mouthful
 "When did you get here?"
"Like 5, maybe 7 minutes ago." he chased his food down with a drink of beer
"How are you so goddamn quiet?!" you say confused
"Killer habbit. You don't seem to have it."
"Whatever." you say as you sit down at the table across from him
"So why are you still awake?" 
".......Nothing." you say blushing while starting to eat your snack
"Don't lie to me, ____________." 
"Promise you won't laugh...."
"Hmmmm........I promise."
"I had a bad dream....and I'm kinda to scarred to go back to sleep...."
"Pfffffffft! Hahahaha!"
"You asshat!"
"Awwww. Is wittle ______ to scwarrdy warrdy to go back to sweep?"
"Forget this." You knocked back your glass of juice and grabbed your (F/snack) and started to walk out of the kitchen. You felt Jeff grab your arm. You turned around and he grabbed your other arm. 
"I can help you Go to Sleep."
He leaned in and kissed you. You willingly kissed back passionately. This continued for a few moments. Soon you two began wrestling tongues. He eventually won and explored you're wet cavern. You pulled away for air with a thin trail of saliva connecting the two of you.
"What are you doing?" you demanded
"Don't worry it was just a good night kiss. No more nightmares."
"Just a kiss?!"
"If I did anything more before Friday, Slendy would kill me." He began to walk up the stairs to his room. You followed after him.
"What's that suppose to mean?"
"I'm out of your league until Friday."
"Whatever!" You said going to your room. He grabbed your arm once again.
"If you have anymore nightmares, just come into my room." He whispered in my ear. then biting my lobe. You turned a deep shade of red.
He walked into his room and shut the door behind him. You went into you're room and slept peacefully the rest if the night. 
The next day you got up and took a shower. You put on your (f/c) skinny jeans and a black tank-top on. 
You walked out of your bathroom and into the living room. You saw BEN

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