hi guys this story will be about justin seeing a murder happen and what happened to him hope you like it if u do then tell me and i will rite more :) x



i streched my arms out and opened my eyes, the sun light strememed through the curtians , i slowly pulled the duvet of me and rubbed my eyes then stud up i scanned the room for some shorts.

I saw some basket ball short in a heap on the floor i pulled them on then rubbed my hands through my hair. then i stummbled in to the bathrom washed my face then went to the tolilet i felt more awake.

i walked out of the bathroom and walked acrooss my apartment to the kitchen , i switched on the kettle grabbing an apple on the way.  flopped down on to the white leather sofa and fumbled around on the floor until i found the remote.

I then pressed the button to open the blinds suddenly sunlight filled the room , i  felt warmth on my face .I jumped up and walked to the window i could see the main bit of New York from hear i smiled and looked down on the people walking to work and trying to get cabbs a giggle  escaped my lips as a man ran across the road and got beeped by all the trafic.

suddenly the kettle started screaming and i dashed over to it grabbing a mug on the way,

when i made my coffe i  sat down and turned the news on  a woman with a blonde bob apered on the screen

"this just in " she squeled

"Justin Bieber teenage superstar has retuned " she smiled  up at the camara i took a sip of my coffe not really listerning

"no body new were her went who he was with " i rolled my eyes then i smiled to my self as images flashed through my mind of the last thriteen moths of my life  but then i remebered her and tears filed my eyes.


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