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Jenna Chan's Guide to Surviving High School


Hey there :) Well, I've been short on muse lately. Haven't been writing much. So I thought, instead of having to create a whole new story, why not base it off of real events? So this book, is based loosely on my own personal life, though appearances are changed,  much of which is just fun imagination and playful exaggeration. If anyone does take offense, please keep in mind this is absolutely exaggerated. Heightened the circumstances to provide humor, despite the basic concept being true. Names have been changed in order to keep identities safe. Enjoy!



   ****ღ♬ღ._-*-_-*-_._-*-_-*-_._-*-_-*-_._-*-_-*-_ℜule #1._-*-_-*-_._-*-_-*-_._-*-_-*-_._-*-_-*-_ღ♬ღ****

   The first day is always stressful. Make sure you have everything ready the night before, to avoid  being late.

                                              And don't forget to check your schedule for the day.

                                                                                 And always, always bring an umbrella.

   ****ღ♬ღ._-*-_-*-_._-*-_-*-_._-*-_-*-_._-*-_-*-_ℜule #1._-*-_-*-_._-*-_-*-_._-*-_-*-_._-*-_-*-_ღ♬ღ****


Day 1, August 31st, 2011.

Dun dun dun da dun dun…

The opening bars of Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" had begun to play, the soothing melody doing everything but. And even though the sweet notes usually did the trick, it was clearly not one of those days.

Sunlight was streaming promisingly through the French doors of my room, those that lead onto the terrace. Its gentle rays were casting little rainbows of joy on my plain walls, pretty really.

But I had no time for pretty.

Wide awake since five in the morning, my sleepless night was haunted by images of my mother chiding me about my school, her lecture from last night playing through my mind, more or less accurately.

But I can't say or blame my mother for my tossing and turning. Oh no, because deep down inside, I was scared out of my mind. Why? It's the first day of my new life. The first day of a new era, it's a new beginning, a dawn of what though?

"Breakfast!" came the call from downstairs, intruding on my thoughts.

A dawn of breakfast? 

So maybe functioning on five hours of sleep does weird things to me, but it is what it is.

“Coming!” I shouted, loud as I could down the staircase. Then retreating to my room, I had some serious work to do. Just passing by the full length vanity mirror my parents had insisted on installing, made me want to hurl. I was a mess. Newly cropped, naturally depressing black hair was literally a bird’s nest, precariously perched on my head, limp and lifeless as ever. And sure enough to make matters worse, were dark under eye circles as black as if I had gotten punched in the face.

But besides all that, there was something wrong. Seriously wrong, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. My vision was all hazy, blurry even. Was I sick? Going blind from some rare disease? Nope. I wasn’t wearing my glasses.

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Jessica Lu as Jenna Chan
Amy Hillas Nora Chan (Mother)
Alex Pettyferas Hunter Davies
Terra Reidas Leyla O'Brian
Ashley Rickardsas Anna Wright
Greer Grammeras Emma Smith
(To be decided)as Johnathan Lee

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