Jade and Sam- Is it love? ~JAM fan fic~


The next day


"How's your stomach now?" I asked Sam stroking my hand threw his slick brown hair. 

"It's alright I suppose. Your one fantastic nurse." He chuckled.

I smiled and leant forward pressing my lips onto his soft warm ones. His shoulders fell as he relaxed into the kiss. I pulled away and he put a strand of my hair behind my ear. He kissed my forehead then I rested my head on his chest. I traced my hand along his solid abs. I looked up to his face and admired his chiseled features. He caressed my shoulder and kissed the top of my head. He let out a groan of pain and held his stomach with his free hand. "I'll take care of that." I giggled. I moved his hand away and pulled up his shirt. I glidded my hand gently across his stomach and soothed him. I slowly moved my lips to his stomach and left gentle kisses on it. He stroked my hair and I continued to kiss his sore stomach. I moved my lips lower down his stomach till I reached the top of his trousers.

"Like I said, one fantastic nurse." He laughed, sending shivers down my spine. I left a lingering kiss at the top of his trousers and lifted my head back up. I smiled at him and kept stroking his stomach. "Beautiful, I think you should start wearing your glasses again." I looked at him in confusion, how did he know I needed glasses?

"How did you-

"I saw them on your desk when we first-you know."

"Oh right. Why do you want me to wear them?"

"I want you to wear them because you need them. It makes you more natural and plus...you'll look gorge." He smiled down at me. I rolled my eyes but nodded.

"Deal." I smiled kissing him and taking his hand as I stood up. I smirked at him and dragged him upstairs. We reached his room and I undid the button on his jeans pulling them down and kissing his stomach as I stood back up. He smiled down at me and we fell onto his bed, laughing. 


"Mmm." Sam moaned as I lay my head on his chest. I pulled the duvet up to my chest. We breathed heavily and I noticed something. 

"Sam, Baby?"


"Why do you have a Cliff Richard pillowcase?" I laughed as I pushed myself up from his chest, looking down at him. He pulled an embarrassed face.

"so that when your here, it cheers you up." He smiled. I pulled the pillow from under his head and pretended to kiss it. "Huh, fine then. If you want him more than me, be my guest." He began to move from underneath me but I threw the pillow to the floor and pressed myself against him.

"Come here you." I pulled his head up to mine, gripping onto his thigh. "Your me sexy Mr.Loverboy. I don't need Cliff." I mumbled against his lips and he laughed. He tightened his grip on my hips and held me close to him.


The next day.


I sat with Jade in the kitchen as we ate our pancakes.

 1 hour later

"Who are you?" I asked a boy a bit smaller than me who was shoving me backwards.

"Lindon! Keep away from Jade?"

"Sorry-what? How do you know Jade?"

"It doesn't flipping matter how I know her, just piss off." He pushed me and I flew backwards into the wall. I hate fighting. I really really do. But he's gone too far now. He lifted his arm up and swung it forward. I ducked and span him round so he was against the wall. My fist collided with his jaw and his head smacked off the wall and he fell to the floor.

"SAM!" Someone shouted behind me. I turned and it was Jade with Niall. They both ran up to me and Jade took a hold of my hand. "Babes." She had pity in her eyes and she kissed my sore knuckles. Niall picked up Lindon and pushed him forward so he would walk away. He did as Niall ordered and Jade dragged me to my car. We climbed in and she took a hold of my bleeding hand. "It's a good job you let me keep this in here." She pulled out the first aid kit from under the passanger seat. She opened it and got out a cloth. She lifted my hand to her lips and kissed above my bleeding knuckles. She smiled at me and dabbed the cloth on my hand. I winced at the pain, but she shushed me and stroked the back of my neck. She kissed my jawline and kept stroking my neck. She got out a bandage and wrapped it round my hand. She did it up to my wrist and made sure it was secure. She kissed my kncukles then looked deep into my eyes.

"Samuel?" She had a serious voice and I was worrying what she was going to ask me.

"Yeah, G?"

"Will you be me boyfriend?"

A little twist there, decided she would ask instead of Sam.

I would be thrilled if you could comment and vote.

Merrye early christmas guys


Amber x

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