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Jade & Sam~Is it love? (JAM)


The next day


"How's your stomach now?" I ask a half asleep Sam stroking my hand threw his slick brown hair. 

"It's alright I suppose. You're one fantastic nurse!" He chuckles closing his eyes

I smiled and leant forward pressing my lips onto his soft warm ones. His shoulders fall as he relaxes into the kiss. I slowly pull away and he put a strand of my hair behind my ear. He plants a kiss on my forehead before I rest my head on his chest. I trace my hand along his solid abs. I look up to his face and admire his chiselled features. He caresses my shoulder and kisses my hair. His lips release a groan of pain and he clutches his stomach with his free hand. "I'll take care of that." I giggle. I just want to comfort him, after all this is all my fault. I move his hand away and pull up his shirt. I glide my hand gently across his stomach and sooth him. I slowly move my lips to his stomach leaving gentle kisses on his sore skin. He fondles my hair as I continue to wetten his sore stomach with my kisses. I travel my lips lower down his stomach till I reached the top of his trousers.

"Like I said, one fantastic nurse." He laughs, shivers fluttering down my spine like butterflies. I leave a lingering kiss at the top of his trousers and raise my head. I grin at him and keep stroking his stomach. "Beautiful, I think you should start wearing your glasses again." I stare at him confused how did he know I needed glasses?

"How did you-"

"I saw them on your desk when we first - yanno"

"O'right. Why d'ya want me to wear them?"

"I want you to wear them because you need them. It makes you more natural and plus . . .you'll look gorge!"

I roll my eyes but nod.

"Deal." I smile kissing him and taking his hand as I stand up. I smirk at him and drag him upstairs. We reach his room and I undo the button on his jeans pull them down and kissing his stomach as I stand back up. He smiles down at me and we fall onto his bed, laughing. "Does it hurt?" I move hair from his forehead

"I can handle it" He chuckles 


"Mmm." Sam moanes laying me back and letting me rest my head on his chest. I pull the duvet up to my chest as we breath heavily. As I look up at him I notice something out the corner of my eye.

"Sam baby?"

"Yeah?" He has his eyes closed

"Why d'ya have a Cliff Richard pillowcase?" I laugh and hold myself up on his chest, study his face as his feautures fill of embarrassment

"So that when your here it cheers you up. You tol me you liked him" He smiles. An idea swells in my brain and I pluck the pillow from under his head pretending to kiss it. "Huh, fine then. If you want him more than me, be m'guest." He begins to shuffle underneath me but I throw the pillow to the floor and press myself against him.

"Come here you." I pull his head up to mine, gripping onto his thigh. "Your me sexy Mr.Loverboy. I don't need Cliffy." I mumble against his lips as he laughs. He tightens his grip on my hips and holds me close to him.

The next day.


I sit with Jade in the kitchen as we ate our pancakes. She has her hair in a messy buns and wears my large blue Superman top over her tanned body. She catches me staring and I quickly flick my eyes away

"I saw you Mister!" She teases

"I couldn't help it. I love ou in my clothes"

"Mmm good coz I'm keeping this." She bites into her pancake

"Uhm no" I wind her up

"Uhm I'll think you'll find you mean yes! You can have one of my tops" She winks

"I'll pass on that, it'd only fit my leg not my torso"

"I'm not that little" She laughs

"Yes you are. Even if you weren't you're still a woman, I wouldn't wear your shirt if it were the only top left in the whole world" I smirk

Her jaw drops and her pancake flops out of her fingers "Well that was mean" She huffs and puts her pet lip out. I wink as she throws her pancake at me

 1 hour later

"Who are you?" I interrogate a boy a tad smaller than me who is attempting to shove me backwards

"Lindon! Keep away from Jade, understand?!"

"Sorry - what? How do you know Jade?"

"It doesn't friggin' matter how I know her, just piss off. If I see you with her again I'll cut you!" He knocks me and I fly backwards into the wall. I hate fighting, I really do, but if he wants to play that way, fine. He lifts his arm up and swings it up to my jaw. I duck and whirl him round so he's against the wall. My fist collides with his jaw and his head smacks roughly off the wall. I step back as Lindon commences to slide down the wall 

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