chapter 1 (edited)

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This is my first time writhing a book so sorry if it isn't interesting.but ill do my best :D Plz comment.

ps u have my premisson to copy story who now u mite make it better then me ;D


Chapter 1 fight over yuki :P

When I was on a date with Zero we bumped into Kaname.

Kaname POV


Hey watch it >.< jerk . What are you doing with my girl (yuki -_- not again) then *Kaname pulls my arm and so did zero* (Zero; shes mine>.< ) no shes mine (Zero; shes mine>.< )



Thump! Thump! Ow Ow why did u do that yuki. Hm u guys were fighting :P. come on Zero we have to get home. 

Zero thinking pov


Stupid Kaname calling me a jerk. I hate that guy allways trying to steal my girl friend >.> .

Yuki's POV


Zero! Zero! Zero! Are you listening too me.{thump} Oww Yuki. Well u weren't listening to me! :P. {Yuki thoughts } *Smirks* "That's what u get for fightin over a vampire girl" end of yuki's thoughts.* 

Yukis POV


We went back to our dorms. Good night Zero. Good night yuki. Shuts door and gets ready for bed turns off lights. Knock knock -_- come on. Opens door panics Hi Kaname . Hi yuki Kaname why are u here seeing if u got home alright because tht scum Zero brought u home bye yuki. Bye Kaname shuts door.

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