#1 BSM/DDM Youre little and fake being asleep/falling asleep on him

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Harry: (DDM Age 4) You and Harry were watching a movie just you both and it was getting late for you to sleep. You knew if that you were still awake Harry would have to put you back to bed but today you wanted to cuddle with him. You knew that if you fake it, he wouldn't wake you up and that meant you can cuddle with him. You crawled onto his lap and shut your eyes and pretended to sleep. He smiled to himself and covered you with a blanket and kissed your forehead. "Love you kitten" he whispered softly. In the end he didn't know you faked it.

Niall: (BSM Age 3) You and Niall were playing hide n go seek and it was your turn to hide. Since you were small it has advantages of hiding. You decided to hide under a lump of blankets. "ONE TWO THREE HERE I COME!!!" He yelled running upstairs. You started giggling due to his silliness. "Hmmm I wonder where that little bug (Y/N) is" he said approaching towards the lump of blankets. "I think she's hiding in.. here!!!" he said opening the blankets to see you 'sleeping'. "Oh...shes sleeping aye!! Let's see if the tickle monster will wake her up!" he said starting to tickle you. You were laughing and squealing till he stopped and you two continued playing.

Zayn: (DDM Age 4) You guys were in a limo going back to Bradford and thank The Lord it was only a 2 hour drive but sadly it was late though. Zayn was busy playing on his phone and you were tired and want to be on his lap. So you crawled out of your seat and crawled to him. "Daddy?" you said pulling his shirt. "Yes boo" he said picking you up onto his lap. "I tiwred" you said sleepily. He chuckled and kissed your cheek. "Do you want to sleep on daddy's lap?" He asked you. You nodded and nuzzled in to his chest. Perfect way to fall asleep.

Louis: (BSM: Age 5) You were spending the day at Louis' flat and weren't feeling well. Louis tired to give you medicine but you wouldn't take one bit of it. He tried and tried and tried but nothing was working and you were starting to get more sick. It was at one point you started crying so Louis picked you up and tried calming you down. "Shhh baby" he said rubbing your back. He heard no noise coming from you which surprised him. "(Y/N)" he said softly. A smile grew on his face when he realize that you fell asleep on him. He rocked you back and forth rubbing your back.

Liam: (DDM Age 4) He took you and your mum to the mall today for your birthday shopping and for some reason you didn't get any sleep at all so it was really hard for you especially with all the fans and paps. You raised your arms to be lifted when a group of girls came running towards you and Liam picked you up. "Shhh they won't hurt you (Y/N)" Liam said rubbing your back. He and your mum were trying to hide from them and they successfully did. When Liam was about to put you down, he realized you had fallen asleep. He smiled and carried you all over the place knowing you are his baby girl.