Finding Love [Louis Tomlinson]


My sexuality has always been a thing.

Is he straight, is he gay? He must be at least bisexual with an arse like that. Right? People are always guessing and assuming things about my sexuality but the thing is; how can they know whether I’m straight or gay when I don’t know it myself?Whether I like girls or boys isn’t only a thing for the fans and press but it’s keeping me up at night too.

After Jake I’ve never had any interest in another boy other than in a friendly way but I couldn’t love my previous girlfriend like she loved me either. I tried to. Oh boy did I try, but I couldn’t force those feelings on me. I couldn’t tell her ‘I love you,’ not even after six months so I broke up with her. If I didn’t love her now, I never will.

I can see the beauty in people, I can see when a girl is pretty and a guy is handsome. I can like their looks and their personality but that’s not love, is it?



My name is Louis Tomlinson and I don’t know how to love anymore.


[This is THE sequel of Fanboy though the main focus will be on Louis. This story will contain boyxboy material such as a relationship between Niall Horan and Harry Styles. This is purely fiction and everything is made up by me. I am obviously NOT Louis Tomlinson nor do I know him.]

[I kindly ask you not to promote your story or account in the comments. Those messages will be deleted anyway.]

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