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Day 1
I have no idea where I am. I can’t remember my name. This little journal was in my coat pocket I think I’ll write about all the strange things I see. Today I saw someone who looked like Anubis.

Day 5
I tried to cross a bridge today but it wasn’t connected to the other side of the path like it looked. I crawled out to see if I could reach the other side, but when I got near the edge, I found myself standing back in front of the bridge.

Day 12
I wandered through a grocery store today. It didn’t have a roof or walls just the aisles, open to the sky. I was going to take my groceries home, but I couldn’t find my house.

Day 21
Today I rode a carousel in the middle of a restaurant. It reminds me of someplace, but there wasn’t a carousel. Have I been there before?

Day 38
I gave a concert in a church today. I had to go to the bathroom afterwards, but it was down this long, rickety flight of steps behind an alcove. My father came to watch, but left in the middle of my performance. Did I sound that bad?

Day 42
Today the weather was acting strange. It went from stormy one minute to clear skies the next, like the eye of a hurricane. But it started snowing a few minutes later. Strange weather for a tropical island.

Day 63
I met someone while playing pinball at a school. We went to watch some teams play hockey on a soccer field. They disappeared and I couldn’t find them again. Who was that?

Day 89
I tried to save my best friend today by bringing her to the land of the fairies while she was still human. The queen said she had magic powers that need to grow here. My friend wandered off. I looked for her all oer. It was a big place.

Day 110
I spent the day running from the aliens. They trapped my friends, but they couldn’t catch me. I found a bunker to hide in, but they almost caught me anyway.

Day 134
I was swimming in the ocean and washed ashore in a giant warehouse. I turned around and the water was gone, but I did see the front of the store. I tried to go down the elevator, but the guards won’t let anyone out. I looked at some of my old entries. I remember writing them, but I can’t figure out how I got from one place to the next.

Day 156
I was walking down a circular path behind a waterfall. I tripped and plunged into the pool so far below that I couldn’t see it from where I fell. Not sure I survived. According to this journal I’ve been wandering these strange places for oer fie months. I still can’t account for the gaps in my memory between days.

Day 178
I walked into the mall to go to the arcade, but wound up in a sushi place. They told me to pick a crab out of the tank for my meal. I saw one with jewels encrusted in its shell. I couldn’t afford the seafood so I walked out to find some Mexican place. The mall had grown ten stories since I was in the sushi place. Strangely, nothing I’ve seen so far has phased me in the slightest.

Day 199
I found myself wandering through a maze of plastic colored tunnels like you might find at a child’s amusement park. The tunnels led me through slides and rooms until I arrived at a place with giant claw machines. Somehow I competed against three others while other people spectated from a large room above that had a glass wall. I’m starting to feel more aware, I think.

Day 231
I’ve been trying to sit at my desk and complete some work at my computer, but the screen keeps changing every time I turn my head. My awareness had definitely extended. I now realize I’ve been writing this journal in an in-between place.

Day 266
I was walking through a landscape of trees and red cliff while tornadoes struck like bolts of electricity then spun like the spindles of an old weaver, before the scenery faded once again. I realized that the days I’ve been marking have nothing to do with time other than the regular cycle of experience and nothingness.

Day 284
I learned how to fly today. It was an amazing experience. Fly requires a lot of concentration to  keep yourself on course. I almost smashed into my car a few times when I lost focus. I finally realized that I have needed neither sustenance nor the... facilities in all my time here, wherever this is.

Day 297
I was riding in the backseat of someone else’s

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