TMNT One Shots


I walk through the sewers cautiously, for I had only memorized this route a short while ago. As I near my destination, I can already detect the faint scent of pizza and a loud conversation muffled by the concrete walls of the tunnels. As I walk though the turnstiles, I break into a huge grin. "Hi, guys!" I shout. Three of my friends turn towards me and return the smile. A chorus of "Hi, April"s echo around the lair. They are shortly followed by Raph's small signal of recognition and a "sup."

"What are you turtles up to?" I take my spot on the floor by Mikey.

"Absolutely nothing." Says Leo.

"Wow really? That's amazing!" I place one hand over my mouth.

"What's that suppos' ta mean?" Raph leans down closely, from his position on the couch, inspecting me for any trace of sarcasm.

"Well... whenever I walk in," I softly elbow the leg closet to me, "you're always punching something," I tap Leo's arm, "you're always meditating," Donnie blushes when I poke his knee, "you're always in you're lab," and I playfully punch Mikey's shoulder, "and you- well you're always doing something."

After a long moment of contemplation, the silence is again broken.

"Yeah..." Raph nods in agreement, " you're kinda right."

"I'm not used to doing nothing." Donnie admits.

"Me neither." Leo adds.

Another long moment of silence follows.

"April, this feels weird." Mikey looks to me with worried eyes.

"If you guys really can't do nothing, then why don't we play a game?" I suggest.

"Yes! Alright!" As Mikey tries to reach for the TV remote, I stop him.

"No, Mikey, not video games. I meant something more like a board game." They all turn to stare at me blankly. "What? You guys don't know what a board game is?"

"Sounds boring." Says Mikey.

"Really? You've never heard of Apples to Apples or Candy Land, or..." More blank stares ensue, "or... not even Monopoly???

Raph snickers.


"Alright, then. Fine." I sigh in defeat, " I guess that narrows our options quite a bit."

"What are the other options?" Leo looks to me confusedly.

"I guess we could play a... a game-game." I receive four blank stares again. "Oh come on! Telephone? Honey I love you? Charades? Never have I ever? Truth or Dare? Seriously, guys?"

Raph snorts. "Never heard of them."

"Sorry April..." Donnie looks a bit embarrassed. After yet another awkward silence, the youngest of the turtles gets an idea.

"Hey! Maybe you could teach us!" Mikey sits cross legged, "I wanna play Sher-aids!"

I chuckle excitedly and say,

"Sure. Why not?"

NOTE: this isn't the end. In the next chapters, the turtles and co will be playing some different games. Please comment if you think of another funny game they should play and I might add it in. :)

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