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Angelena Feruzi walked into her ratty old apartment on the bad side of town. She just came home from school. It was about 5 o' clock. She had to take the bus to the grocery store. From there she made the 2 mile trek home. Her mother was home, oddly enough. Her mother Veronica Feruzi never usually makes it home this early. Veronica makes it in at about 7. When she gets there Lena gives her dinner and she goes to bed. Her mother worked two jobs. She was a factory worker until noon. For the rest of the day she was a waitress at a local diner. Times were tough when her father died. He died when she was 10 in a car crash. He was on the way home from work. Now Lena was  a sophomore. She went to Briar High School. Her friends knew of her family situation and offered her rides, but she held onto her pride and declined. Veronica was sitting at the kitchen table rubbing her wedding ring and crying. Lena pulled up a chair and sat next to her.

"Mom? Wh-What's wrong? Did Grandmother die?" Lena questioned.

"Angelena, I lost my job today." Veronica said.

" That's okay. You have two jobs. I can just get a job on the side to help us out." 

" No, honey. I lost both of them. They let go a bunch of workers at the factory and the owner of the diner said I had to go. What am I going to do? We are going to be on the streets?!" Veronica cried sending herself into tears.

Lena hugged her mom tighter. She knew times were going to be tough. She was going to have to go job hunting. Lena got up and grabbed her schoolbag. Lena sat back down at the kitchen table and started her homework. She was in AP Calculus. Once she finished Lena started making dinner. She made spaghetti, her mother's favorite. She focused on stir the pasta. The timer went off and she turned off the stove and made a bowl for her and her mother. She gave the bowl to her mother and went to eat her food in her room. Their two bedroom apartment wasn't the best, but was better than the streets. Lena changed into her pajamas and laid in her bed. Lena tossed and turned. She couldn't sleep. After a while the exhaustion kicked in and she fell into a light slumber.

Next morning Lena woke up at 5. She got dressed. Lena put on her jeans and T-shirt. She made her lunch quickly. Lena ran to kiss her mom.Once she found her jacket and her bag she walked to the bus stop. Lena zipped up her jacket. It was really cold out today. Once she got on the bus she paid and sat in the closest seat to the heater. When she got to her stop she got off and hurried to school. Looking at her watch, Lena smiled. She was a little early. Lena ran up to her friends Lola and Amber. They all gossiped and talked until they headed to advisory. Lena had Art first and that went very quickly. They were doing abstract paintings.Lena headed to Calculus. She was a bit early for her second period class. Lena walked in on an argument. Her teacher, Mr. Walsh was in a heated argument with Leonardo Hudson. 

"You have two options. Either get a tutor or summer school. There is no negotiations!" Mr. Walsh demanded.

" No way man! A tutor gets in the way of soccer season and besides who wants to spend time with some old person. Just like a teacher except they take your money. And summer school. There is no way I will ever go."  Leonardo snapped. 

" If you don't do summer school you must get a tutor. If you don't want one of my preferences I'll give you second best. You can work with a Miss Lena over there." Mr. Walsh said. Lena's head snapped up. She was sitting in her seat writing. Others were beginning to file in. Lena's eyes widened. 

"Is that okay with you Angelena? That way instead of paying some old person you can pay a classmate." Mr. Walsh compromised. Leo sneered and rolled his eyes.

" Whatever. What is the chick's name?" he asked rudely.

" Angelena Feruzi. The brightest in her math class. She'll be able to tutor you."

" Um, Mr. Walsh I have something to do after school? I have a job...." Lena trailed.

" Just quit." Leo snapped.

" I need that job." Lena murmured.

" I can triple whatever they are paying you. If any." Leo said quickly. He then walked out of the room. Lena sighed. It was going to be a long day.

Lena closed her locker when she saw Leo. He approached her. There was a blonde girl on his hip. Her name was Jessica VanEder. Her dad was a big time lawyer. He worked with Leo's dad, a business owner. 

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