#21 BSM; You're little and run on stage

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I only wrote Zayn's and credit to whoever wrote rest <3

Liam: You didn't sleep well the night before, you didn't get your nap, and to top if off, you were coming down with something. You hadn't left Liam's side all day, so he wasn't sure how you would react when he had to go on stage. He was currently getting his head set on and was getting his hair done. He was holding you and you had your head on his shoulder with your thumb in your mouth. He was talking with Lou and having fun, while you were basically out of it. It was showtime and he sat you on the chair backstage. "Okay, baby. You have to stay here and I'll be back here as soon as possible. Alright?" You started tearing up, but nodded. He kissed your forehead and started walking off. You knew that if you were sneaky, you didn't have to leave him. You got off the chair and walked with him, but at a safe distance. You had noise cancelling headphones on due to how you had been acting, Liam didn't want to upset you anymore. You looked around and slowly made your way on stage. You looked around and went to tug on Liam's pants. He looked down and you looked up. He smiled and picked you up.

Louis: Louis didn't know that you had visited on tour. You had arrived just as the show started. You found Paul and ran to him "Paul!" You laughed. "Hey you!" He laughed picking you up. "When I see Lou Lou?" "Soon. Hey do you wanna surprise him?" You nodded quickly. "Okay, next time he comes off stage, to change, I'll put you down and you can follow him like a duck." You laughed. "DUCK!" He laughed. You watched the show from sidestage with Paul until they took the first break. He made sure to hide you until they were going back out. Luckily, Louis was last, so you followed him. You got out there and Harry began talking. You stayed quiet and followed Louis around. The other guys noticed you and laughed, but stayed quiet. After awhile, Harry noticed you. He laughed and walked to Louis. "Hey Lou" "Hiya!" "Are you a duck?" Louis laughed but looked at him oddly. "A duck?" Harry nodded. "You seem to have a shadow mimiking you" Louis turned around "BOOOO!" You yelled. He laughed and picked you up. "BUG! I MISSED YOU!" "I MISSED TOO LOU LOU!" You stayed with Louis for a while and just hung out, being able to be with your brother again.

Niall: You had been with Niall during the day. So, he always told you to stay close and don't let him out of your site. So, that's what you did. Rather than walk off, you held on to his pant leg, or his hand, or just followed his footsteps. The only time you actually left Niall's side was when you napped, and with that, you were in his arms. It was getting close to show time, and Niall was getting his hair done. You were sitting on his lap playing with his phone. You were patiently waiting for him to get done. When he finally was about to go on stage, you knew that you were supposed to stay close to him. So, when he ran onto the stage, you ran after him. Nobody noticed until you were actually stage. You went up to Niall and grabbed onto his pant leg. He looked down confused until he saw you. He started laughing and picked you up. "What are you doing princess?" "You said follow you and no let go!" You giggled. He laughed. "Well, I guess I should have had my instructions more clear then huh?" You just shrugged. "How about you go backstage and when I'm done, you can follow and stay close again?" You nodded and kissed his cheek as he took you backstage to Lou and quickly ran off again to continue the show.

Harry: You and Harry had been playing tag and hide n' seek all day. It was a ritual that you guys did that each show day. Sometimes it would only last about an hour, other times, like today, it would be endless. The boys all knew of your little game, and always made sure to help out by hiding you or telling you where Harry was. But, all fun must come to an end. It was nearing showtime and Harry was getting ready. "Turn?" You asked walking up to him. "In a minute, kitten. I have to get ready" He smiled down at you. After he had gotten ready, you played tag for a little bit. He poked you one last time saying "You're it!" before running off on stage. You thought that meant you could chase him and get him back. So you did. You ran onto the stage and found him near the side that you were on. You ran over to him and hit him yelling "You're it!" and laughed. He looked down and laughed before looking at all the other boys. They all looked amused and laughed along. "Kitten, you have to stay back there and wait." "But tag?" You looked up. He smiled knowing the look you gave him always got him. "When I get done, I promise. Now, run on back you munchkin" You kissed his cheek and ran back, plotting plans for tag.