Just give up..

Thats it!
That was the last stroke!
tyler screamed as he laid crying on his bed.
Stupid josh!
How could he?!?
Just kissing a girl, While he is with me!
I looked at my phone, battery died, great...
Well, im going to his house and break up with him. Personally ...
I put on a jacket and started walking, in about 5 min i was at his house, my heart pounded like crazy, what am i gonna say , i thought..


Josh opened, he huggled me instantly and pulled me inside,and kissed me deeply.
I blushed slightly as i tried to talk , josh ignored it and pulled me on his bed, what are you going to-... He kissed me again but now he started tongueing , as he stopped he pulled down my pants ,i looked at him to see what he was doing but alittle while after that i felt cold hands around my erected part,i moaned abit and said: w-what are you d-d-doing ?
He ignored me talking and continuet playing, after alittle while of playing, i cummed all over his hands, i gasped and blushed intensly.

He laughed , finally, you came ,now im gonna have some fun , he smirked evilly.
I was still gasping and breathing heavily from my pleasurement and didnt notice him pulling his pants of,soon , i felt something at my entrance.

No, No! I screamed as hes enters me and we both moan loudly.

So what do you guys think? Its my first short story so please sumthing nice? ^.^
(and jake, i know you dont like this x3)

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