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The Lone Wolf

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Hey sory for the wait. Here it is! Chapter 2 finally.

Chapter 2:                                               

The cold fall bit at my nose. I remained unmoved by the gusting wind. I stared at the woods, something told my danger but my nose smelt the memorable scent.

I mouthed a bible verse to myself. I knew most verses by heart. I closed my eyes and remembered walking passed the cross. I remembered worshipping at church all the time. I read the bible inside and out and it seemed like the only thing I could remember.

I inhaled then stepped forward feeling drawn to the territory ahead.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” I let the breath out then opened my eyes. I faced trees covered slightly by snow.

“Why?” I replied to the voice behind me.

“Wild animals live in there.” Cameron said in a deep voice.

“Oh well.” I shrugged.

“You want answers? Some people aren’t really cooperative.” I nodded then turned to face him,

“I can recite any verse from the bible yet I couldn’t remember my name.”

My main question was why are these tags so important to me? Why does Gabriel have the same tags?

“Come on.” I followed him back inside to his room. Posters of bands, surfers, and skaters decorated his plain white walls. He sat on a plush bed then opened a laptop. I looked at the screen. It was Facebook. He typing in my name. About twenty Becca’s came up. One had the middle name Whitney.

“That one.” I said and he clicked on it.  My picture was of a bunch of people wearing converse.

There wasn’t much information. Hometown was Fordbridge, UK. I was born on December 7, 1994. I had I complicated relationship and I went to Forgbride High School. I liked volleyball, snowboarding, Paramore, acting, photography, and P!NK.

“Becca, your friends with Gabriel?” He asked

Sure enough Gabriel Ellis. His picture was of a snow covered forest.  His hometown was Kano, Nigeria. Lives in Fordbridge, UK. He was born December 3, 1994.

I went to Google and typed my name in. Four sites popped up; Facebook, Aol, Blogger, and Random. The other sites where of only Becca’s but the blogger site was mine.

The pictures on the site were beautiful. They were scenery pictures, one even resembled Gabriel’s Facebook picture.

The very first one was of me under a sign that read ‘Youth Ministry’.  Held a microphone and next to me was a girl with blonde hair that was pulled back  wearing a dress and glasses. Behind me was a tall guy with light brown hair that was spiked up in the front and he held drumsticks; he was smiling goofy. Then there was another guy with light tan skin and a brown small Mohawk. He was in front of a keyboard. Then a tall girl playing bass; she had long light brown hair and wore a bright pink shirt. The third girl smiled with her electric guitar hanging and microphone not too far away. Her dark red hair flopped around and she was going to hug me. She ended up covering the last person up.  The description read ‘My last time in Fordbridge with praise band before I go to the states. All my friends; Katie, Krystal, Dimitri, Ana Lee, Jay, me, and opps. Gabe’s covered up.’

Then there was a picture of me and a guy taller than me, maybe 18. He was hugging me and I was smiling. ‘Devon and me; sibling love.’ I had a brother?

Then the next picture was with a little girl maybe five and a boy about eight or nine; they were holding hands and smiling. ‘Found old picture of me and my brother, Devon.’

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Chapter 2


Lucy Haleas Becca Murphy
Michael Trevinoas Dimitri Anderson
Sinqua Wallsas Gabriel Ellis
Luke Bilykas Devon White
Hayden Panettiereas Katie Mendez
Zooey Deschanelas Krystal Phillips
Drew Royas Jay Walker

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