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Why Do You Hate Me, My Love? [BoyxBoy]


Well hello there.

This is my new story. YAY! :) I wasn't going to start a new story until I was nearly finished with my other one but I just got so excited to write this one and share it that I couldn't help myself.

It is another boyxboy if you did not see it on the title. Meaning yes there will be boyxboy love in this book. Don't like it, kindly leave this story. If you do then what are you waiting for? Read on. Hurry!

I think I'm going to really like this story, because its got two completely different kinds of characters I'm used to :)

Now everyone give a round of applause to my two new characters,

Ethan Healy and Joshua 'Josh' Farrow.  


Also I might be doing a side story in the midst of this book between two characters in this book, but I can't tell you who. Not even sure if I will at the moment though. 




Why Do You Hate Me, My Love?


Chapter 1:


Ethan's P.O.V


I hate loud noises.

So going to the fireworks wasn't exactly my cup of tea.

Okay I hate a lot of things so nothing is really my cup of tea.

The air was cold and damp making me shiver violently, mum gave me a weird look but then returned to the rest of our messed up family.

She ordered, me, my dad, and my younger brother and sister in a straight line out of the door and dutifully, we followed instructions. My younger siblings were excited to be going to the fireworks, practically jumping out of their pants with joy because they got to see all the pretty colours and explosions.


I had been the same way when I was younger, but since we did the same thing every year it became boring and dull as I grew older.

My older brother was able to somehow worm his way out of coming, probably because he was the favourite. Lucky bastard.

Now I don't want to say I hate him, so I'll settle for strongly dislike him. He was a dick head, a jerk, a douche bag, vain, shallow and the list could go on forever. I groaned in annoyance as little children rushed past giggling, glow sticks waving around in a swirl of colour. Their parents should put them on leashes or something.

They giggled even higher pitched and I watched as their parents ran after them. Stressed expressions on their faces. My skin was crawling with irritation at their laughs. God I sound evil, saying I hate the sound of little children's laughter.

I pulled my book up to my chest to sheild myself from all the happy people around me. I want to just go home and lie safe in my room, reading my book and going to sleep. I hate crowds, and I don't like social interactions.

People suck. That's one of my main mottos, also I liked 'why have friends when you can have acquaintances'. I already tried having friends and I was let down. I no longer bothered, instead buried my head in a book and school work and anything else that could distract me. Yeah I probably sound like a loser, but that's why people suck.

They judge without understanding. That might be a tad hypocritical, but hey I suck too.

Mum was yelling over the sound of traffic and people at party's in the hotels that had great views of the fireworks. Dad pitifully tried to guide us, but Lila and Markus wanted to run ahead with the other kids, and buy glow sticks and what ever else they did.

As mum and dad rushed after them like all the other parents, I slowly faded into the background, like normal. I like to be a wall flower.

Not being noticed worked for me. As we walked up the pathetic excuse for a hill where we normally watched the fireworks, a shirtless guy came running past. I discreetly stared at his delicious looking abs. I mean if he's going to run around shirtless, he obviously wants you to look, but I wouldn't give him the satisfaction of knowing I was checking him out.

He was jogging to a group of guys, shirtless just like him. They were probably all jerks with egos bigger than there thick heads. You could identify them by a few key features. They hunted in packs with one key leader. All with athletic builds and cocky smirks, though they put up a laid back and cool facade do not be fooled, they will become violent when provoke.

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Chapter 1: New Years Eve


Nicholas Houltas Ethan Healy
Colton Haynes as Joshua 'Josh' Farrow
Mitch Heweras Dylan Healy
Sean Farisas Trent Villani
Nolan Gerard Funkas Luke Seaton
Rebecca Breedsas Hailey Farrow
AnnaSophia Robbas Sarah Odgen

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