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Falling for Him BoyxBoy


Herro! It's mee! So this chapter will be showing Bastian's point of view for the first time :D I know I haven't updated in a long time. Sorry. But here it be :D And guess what! IT'S WRITTEN BY MEEEEE! Ryhming is so fun(: Okay byeee. :D

Picture over there is of Riley <3 ----->

*Rider's POV*

Woof! Woof! Woof!

"Ughh. Hi Scruffy." Naughty little dog getting in trouble, that's why I love him. I looked at my alarm clock. Scruffffyy. 6:30?! To early.

 I put the little dog on the floor and turned my iPod on to "Blame It On the Rain by He is We" and started to get ready. Okay, what to wear...Blink 182 shirt or Asking Alexandria? Asking Alexandria. Black pants. Hah, now time for my hair. Gotta grab all my hair products. Staigtener, heat protectant, mousse, comb, brush, ect. Sometimes this gets annoying. Teasing and brushing and spraying and straightening; it's all a lot of work to get done. Finally, done. I still don't like the way it looks, but I'll have to manage.

"Rider! Lets GO!" I heard my mom scream as she slammed the door.


Alright, apply eyeliner, apply eyeliner. Brush hair again. Put om my bracelet. Okay, I'm ready.


"I'm coming!"

"Gosh, takes you that long to get ready? You already get up about 2 hours before me! And look at what I can do with myself  in  the amount of time I'm given."

I smirked, trying not to laugh.


"I'm sorry." I was still smirking.

Ha. It's fun teasing her. She always takses it as offence.


*Announcments* Today our Raven's are playing against the Lizards with our star quaterback, Bastian Rushton!!! Also today we are having pizza and tater tots. That's all annoucments for this morning, Have a greeeeaaattt day.

Ugh, he embaresses himself with that ending. Everyone makes fun. It's acrually kind of funny. I laughed to myself as I leaned onto my locker. I didn't know Bastian was the quaterback. Hmm..some info to tuck away for later.

"Hey Rider!" I heard Riley yelling. i turned, only to see him rushing over to me as quick as he could.

"Hey Ri-"

"Hey! I need to talk to you!"


"I'm so sorry for my brother calling you last night. He wrestled my phone away from me, then locked himself in his room with it. He told me I should put a 'H' next to your name so he knows which 'Rider' to call."

He tried to go on but I interrupted him. "It's okay." I said with a smile.

"Are you sure? I mean-"

I placed my hand on his shoulder, "I'm sure."

"What? I...I mean...okay." He looked confused. I love that look.

Just then I saw Bastian walking with a girl, who I'm imagining is 'Rider'. I think he is kinda cute. Ah, what the hell am I thinking? I can't like him. He'll never like me, he's a senior and he's had tons of girlfriends I think and how could I convince HIM of all people to like me. Ugh. Gotta stop letting my thoughts get the better of me.

Just then Riley interrupted my thoughts. Thank God. "Hey Bastian! Come over here!"

Oh. God.

*Bastian's POV*

Haha. I got Rider wrapped around my pinkie finger. She's sexy and hot, but to clingy. This way I can let her down easy without being in a relationship. She's pretty funny, but I can't deal with her laugh. It sounds like I'm walking around with a hyena attached to my arm. Yeah, I'll break it off tommarow, or my reputation will go down a lot.

"Hahahahahahahaha!!!" Rider cackled. Ugh. I think my ear just split open.

"Hun, it wasn't that funny." I heard my ex-girlfriend say and turned to see a dirty look shot my way.

Get outta my life. You made my life miserable. Let me just add she broke up with me!!! So how can she be giving me the cold shoulder. I mean sure Rider IS her bestfriend ,well not anymore at least, but what's the big deal?

"Hahahaha!! Jeanna you're so FUNNY!!" Oh my gosh. Get me OUT OF here.

Just the my brother, the savior of my ears, called out to me.

"Hey Bastian! Come over here!"

"Ummm...Hun. I'm gotta go talk to my brother, talk to Jeanna,be back in a sec!"

"Okay, but don't be long, or else I'll come over you and drag you by that gorgeous hair." She smirked very evily, ran her hands through my hair and pulled my ear to her lips.

"Don't take to long.." She wispered in my ear. My god, this girl is so...weird.

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Chapter 2


Matt Lanteras Bastian
Alexander Ludwigas Riley
Chase Crawfordas Rider (Guy)
Ashley Tisdaleas Rider (Girl)
Jac Vanekas Kayhlen

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