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Pokémon Chronicles: the 4 Heroes of Earth (CURRENTLY UNDER BEING RE-WRITTEN)


The beginning: The legend begun when a powerful heart seeking vengeance upset the balance of powers far too great for him. The Earth is balanced by the land and sea thanks to 4 heroes who called forth the dragon that governs them both.

The influence of the heart’s great desires upset this balance, and disaster restarted itself. The world called upon the 4 heroes of Earth yet again...


It was quite a frightful moment now, not being able to think about anything except what I knew needed to be done. Everything rested on these actions now, the actions of me and my three friends to be exact. But with seemingly hundreds of claws thrashing all over the place all we could do was run for our lives in separate directions for our own sustenance, in such a way that we didn’t have to focus on one another in terms of finding safety. All I could feel was my chest stinging dryly from fatigue, my eyes blurring from the heavy downpour of sharp rain that shattered everything around me, as my heavy breaths drilled more fear into my heart than the situation I was in did – I was tiring and fast, fearing what would happen if I fell to this unhelpful necessity and stopped to let my chasers catch me. I couldn’t take the pain and just had to slow, turning into the demise I was fearing so much. Just as I had twisted my head to check on the enemies and decide a new course of action, I felt the inevitable bone breaking, burning pain in the side of my head that knocked me straight out. Suddenly, All I could hear was the voice of my partners screaming into the air…
“No! Don’t let go... Hold on! Please! You can do it!”


Exploration 1: The familiar beginning


The cute structure stood tall in front of her giving off the feel of a lion leering at its prey rather than the cute, adorable appeal the building was really giving off. A well constructed stool of a Wigglytuff that is, the entrance to an aspiring little girl’s dream. It was the Wigglytuff’s guild for training exploration teams, yet still the young girl – a Squirtle, the tiny turtle pokemon – couldn’t escape the mean look only she felt from the building. She just kept pacing left and right weirdly, pondering her next decision.

“… No! I can’t be feeling like this anymore. Today is the day I will do it!” she announced to herself, stepping forward roughly before she herself was even ready. Ignoring her heart she trudged forward, freezing at a heart attack of a shock.

“Pokemon detected! Pokemon detected!” a young voice shouted at her.

“Who’s footprint? Who’s footprint?” Another voice boomed, clearly older this time.

“The footprint is Squirtle’s! The footprint is Squirtle’s!” the first voice shouted surprisingly. Squirtle couldn’t help but screech at the shock of it, falling backward before scrambling a few paces back to where she started.

“How did they know I was…” she whispered to herself, sighing once she realised where she was. Things had quietened again, only the sound of the crackling flames the area used for light could be heard.

“That was shocking…” she whispered again after a while, staring at the building still. Her small hands closed into fists, soon hanging down with her helpless thoughts. “So today isn’t the day… I thought having my own treasure would help but I…”

With a moment of self reflection she revealed a small grey stone to herself, gem shaped but clearly very old and dirty. She clenched it in her right fist determinedly, ending with flopped arms and a loud sigh this time. With eyes bordering on water she glanced back at the guild entrance before strutting away as quickly as she could, hoping to avoid the embarrassment of being seen by anyone. Unluckily for her there had been others spying on the scene, keeping themselves hidden away until she was right out of sight. They conversed a little with each other before slowly giving pursuing the young girl.

Squirtle only had to travel a short distance down a local mountainous path before she could reach an area of relaxation for herself, the beach that acted as a landmark for this rural town. She always came here when feeling saddened by her failure to enter the guild or even achieve anything closer to a considerable goal of that kind, for failure was common for her.

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