The Wolf Inside - Chapter Twenty

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Woooooo Chapter Twenty! :D I'm so excited and slightly amazed that I've made it to Twenty Chapters, and you people actually find my story interesting! xD THANKS EVERYONE FOR SUPPORTING MY STORY!!!!

I've decided to dedicate this momentous Chapter (lol) to my good friend firooz! :D I know I've already dedicated the first chapter to you, but you're so amazing that you needed another one! Lol. I highly suggest that you go and read her stories if you haven't already. If you like The Wolf Inside, you'll love every single one of her Naruto fan fics! They're all very different, highly entertaining and extremely well written. So go read, vote, comment and fan her!

The pic is of my made up ANBU Team: Himeji Hyuga, Riokei Wakashi, Kakashi Hatake and Shikai Nara --->

Kakashi's POV

*Still Having a Flashback*

Riokei suddenly charges forwards, sword in hand.

"No! Riokei!" I shout, taking off after her.

The little girl panics, her eye growing wide and afraid.

"Hakuba! Help me!" she screams, closing her eyes.

"No one's gonna help you brat!" Riokei shouts, aiming her sword for the girl's heart. "Now die!"

She leaps for the little girl, jabbing her sword forwards.

Suddenly, the little girl opens her eyes, only for me to see that that they're now blood red. Like.........demon eyes or something.

Black chakra begins swirling around the girl, knocking Riokei backwards. The little girl's hair slowly fades from blonde to an ebony colour. The already slightly pointed teeth in her mouth grow into vicious fangs as she lets out a threatening growl.

"What the hell's going on?!" Riokei shouts, scooting backwards along the ground.

"I don't know!" I shout back. "You've obviously done something to her!"

I turn to Shikai.

"Shikai! Let her go! Get away from her!" He shakes his head, squinting against the wind.

"No way Captain!" he shouts back. "I'm gonna keep her under control for as long as possible!"

I grit my teeth and peer up at the little girl.

My eyes widen when I see what look to be...............tails made of black chakra forming behind her. There are two of them, bubbling and flickering.

The girl suddenly wrenches her neck around to glare at Riokei.

She bares her teeth and lets out a terrifying roar, as the churning chakra stops. She is now......I don't know what to call it......coated in black chakra.

"Wh-what i-is she?" Riokei stutters, staring up with wide, frightened eyes.

" were going to kill my host body" the little girl growls, narrowing her eyes at Riokei. "You wanted to hurt her............"

"Ugh, can you guys wrap this up soon?" Shikai pants, sweat rolling down the side of his face. "This is really hard to keep up, especially with her like that."

"We're trying Shikai, just hang on!" I tell him, looking up at the now standing girl.

"Let go of me............" she demands menacingly, switching her gaze to Shikai.

"N-n-never!" he manages to pant. The girl laughs.

"Look at you! You're almost at your limit" she taunts. "How pathetic......"

What's up with this kid? She's acting totally different than before. It's like.........someone has taken over her mind and body.