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The Demon Within [Naruto Fanfic]

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Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. Like I said in the first book, Dragio [Naruto Fanfic], if I did, Kiba would be in spotlight waaaay more than he is. Plus I’d be in the story as well, glomping the hell outta him.

Kiba:….that’s so nice.

Me: Oh please! You should be used to it by now!

Kiba: Fair point….

Me: Told you….anyway, please enjoy the second book The Demon Within! There’s a reason why Dragio’s so bloodthirsty and….well, crazy.

Kiba: Yeah, she’s created by you.

Me: *smacks him* shut up, doggy.

Kiba TT.TT Again with that name….

Naruto: *coughs* anyway, ignoring them! Have fun reading about me!

Gaara: Don’t you mean me? I’m the one that appears first….

Me: Panda-chan! *glomps him* you’re so cute and fluffy!

Gaara: -.-‘ get her the hell off me.

Kiba: Haha! Take that you stupid raccoon!

Gaara: You’re just prissy because I won that coin toss.

Kiba: It fell in a gutter!

Me: Now, now boys. Must you go into jealous mode again?!

Kiba and Gaara: *glares* yes.

Me: O.O *backs away slowly* alright then….sheesh >.>

who shall win this argument?! Find out at the end!!

~The Demon Within [Naruto Fanfic] (Book Two)~

~Chapter 1~

It’s funny really. This would be the second time you’ve stumbled upon me running for my life. Except, this time, it’s from an angry gang of shinobi, not a ragtag gang. These people could actually kill me.

I mean seriously? Can’t they take a joke? It’s was only a small explosion in their villages most honorary building….

Remind me never to play with paper bombs again.

You’re probably wondering what all has happened since you last saw me. Well, I left Konoha for awhile now, deciding to train on my own and discover more about this….thing that’s inside me. What thing, you may ask? It’s the thing that gives me my cat-like scent as Kiba says, what makes me able to turn into a half-cat form, and the ability to control fire and ice at my own free will. It’s the thing that makes my chakra so immense.

And now, I was learning about it. Every once and awhile I would use the Flying Thunder God Technique and go and visit my friends that stayed in Konoha to train. Naruto, Sasuke and I were the main ones that had left to train. Naruto with Jiraiya, Sasuke with that douche Orochimaru and me, by myself.

It’s been rough this past year, running around from the Land of Fire, the Land of Rocks, Waves, Clouds, Rain, Wind….I’ve been all over the place. I’ve figured out the origin or the Tori Clan….and I’ve came across with knowledge of their ‘curse’.

Well….the concept and bare minimum knowledge anyway. In every generation, there would be a child. That child would have the demon that first gave the clan powers locked inside of him or her. This child would be taught by the strongest people in the clan to control the demons powers and would keep people safe by risking their own body and mind to control the demon from ever getting out and wreaking havoc. Apparently I was this child. How do I know? Because, the child would gain powers over ice and fire, would be able to become half-cat like the demon cat inside of them and would have sudden urges to become blood-thirsty. Also I learned that, once the child either has children of their own, or dies, the demon would be passed on. So, if I ever had kids, one of them would inherent the demon or, if I die and there was anybody else that survived from my massacred clan, the demon would be passed down to them instantaneously.

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