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Like Mother, Like Daughter.

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This Chapter is dedicated to Nanousha! My 500th FAN!


Italy, Present Day.

"She had a much more elegant introduction than we did." I said while still looking through her earliset journal.

"What do you mean?" Jackson scoughed slumping into the couch. He leant his chin on my shoulder. I closed the journal and threw it on the coffee table. I looked down at him.

"My father was my mother's history teacher." I said. He sat up.


I shook my head with a smirk on my face and took a sip of the wine we'd opened earlier in the day. "Fully serious. She hasn't described him yet so it'll be interesting to read that part."

"Your mother had a relationship with a teacher." Jackson said. I took it as if he were talking to himself.

"Weird, isn't it?" I smiled at him, clasping my hands around his neck and pulling his face towards mine. He grinned at me. I gave him a soft kiss on the lips and received one back.

"No wonder she was fine with it." He murmered against my mouth. I quickly pulled back and sprang up from the couch and began to walk towards the staircase.

"Where are you going?" He asked alert, completely clueless of my intentions. I looked back once with a cheeky smirk on my face and disappeared around the corner, making my way quickly up the stairs.

I wasn't fast enough. He had me over his shoulder, half way up the stairs, and making his way to the...bathroom?

"Bathroom?" I laughed.


"What are we doing in the bathroom?" I asked. It was, as strange as it is, my favourite room in the house. As soon as you walk through the door you are met with a view of sweeping vineyards and the mountain range in the background. The bath was located right in the centre and overlooked the property. I loved it.

But I was deceived and once placed on the ground I hadn't realised he'd put me under the weekend-shower. He turned it on and I was soaked. I gave him a puppy dog sad face. He laughed at me and stepped forward under the water.

"Not fair." I mumbled.

"Let me make up for it then." He said and lowered his head to kiss me, this time more passionate.

I pulled his dark grey t-shirt up over his head, struggling past his arms.

"I sware your arms have packed on more muscle in the past 2 days unpacking boxes than ever before." I said, kissing him once again.

"Surely you aren't complaining." He replied, nudging me a little in the side.

"Of course not." I said seductively. He began unbuttoning my blouse and slid it slowly off, pausing at my wrists. He kissed me gently on the shoulder and then, slowly, made his way up my neck. I tilted my chin just as he came to the nape of the neck causing me to take in a deep breath.

"You have the best neck." He mumbled against my skin. I angled my head down towards his.

"What?" He said smiling back at me.

"Nothing." I sang running my hand through his wet hair. "I love you."

He tilted my chin up with the hand that wasn't wrapped around my waist and kissed me. "I love you too." We stood there in solitude.


I woke up the next morning face plastered between 2 pillows and an arm around Jackson's chest, which was gently rising and falling as he breathed. I sat my head up on the pillow properly so I could see him. He looked so cute when he was asleep.

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