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Forget me not..(CURRENTLY EDITING)

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louis p.o.v

wow becky really shouldnt have said that! aww poor haz! i think she feels bad..actually why wouldnt she? i think anyone would feel bad if you made a promise to your best friend and then broke it! anyway shes gone off after him cause hes gone somewhere cause hes upset..which means me+kee are alone..well the guys are in the room..but they know not to disturb me when im with my lady!

l: well then..this

k: yeah i know..woo!..i cant believe she never told me she cut!

l: well some people keep certain secrets from certain people for a certain reason

k: you like the word 'certain' dont you lou?

l: i most certain-ly do

k: hehehe..

l: your laughs adorable..your adorable

ok louis..start it off smooth..smooth..that was kinda smooth? right? it wasnt too straight forward but it was flirty

k: aww lou! stop! i hate my laugh

l: why? its adorable

k: yeah only you think that..why i dont know..and im not adorable

l: woahh..when did my keelie become insecure?

k: from the day i met you

l: that was when we were like..5 kee

k: exactly..ever since ive become more and more weary of what i look like around you

l: keelie! dont ever worry about what you look like around me!

i grabbed her in a hug and held her and stroked the back of her hair..why's she all of a sudden just told me this now? wait..i think i should ask her that

l: why you all of a sudden just telling me this now?

k: well..its the first time you've asked soo..i suppose im only just admitting it now

l: aww babe! i dont want you to feel insecure around me! your beautiful!

k: no im really not

l: your insecure, dont know what for, your turning heads when you walk through the do-o-or! dont need make-up, to cover up, being the way that you are is en-o-ough!

k: *blushes* oh god

l: everyone else in the room can see it, everyone else but you! baby you light up my world like nobody else! the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed! but when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell, you dont know oh, oh!  you dont know your beautiful! if only you saw what i can see! you'll understand why i want you so desperately! right now im looking at you and i cant believe you dont know oh oh! you dont know your beautiful! no oh oh! thats what makes you beautiful!

k: louis! really?

l: im trying to make you understand that you're beautiful! dont try change yourself..dont hesitate when i look at you..dont feel the need to wear certain you, be the kee i know and love

k: and whats the kee you love like?

l: the one who worries for nothing and doesnt realise shes still in her pj's when shes worrying

she looked down at her clothes and saw she was still her jim jams..i've never seen her go so red!

k: crap!

she tried to run off but i grabbed her from around the waist and pulled her back in to me

l: oh no you dont! i like you this way!

k: what..a tramp?!

l: your not a tramp! your pj's are cute

k: yeahh well they're only cute at bedtime!

l: i should know

at that point she looked away and i think i saw more blushing and her trying to hide her face behind her hair..shes cute when she tries to hide..shes cute altogether..but she hides her beauty which she shouldnt! im gonna make her feel beautiful! i dont know how..but i'll think of something!

l: awww, blushing much?

k: pfft! no!

l: yeah ok baby whatever you say

k: can i please go get changed? i promise no make-up

l: fine..its a start..if you take longer than ten minutes im coming up there

k: it takes me ten minutes just to pick a top!

l: well thats when you worried about what i you know i just think your beautiful no matter dont worry anymore

k: who says?

l: me

k: when did i start listening to you?

l: ever since i said that if you get dressed in ten mintues i'll give you a reward which isnt talking but has something to do with lips moving

she giggled and then ran up the stairs..awww!! shes adorable!! i need to make her mine! can i do it in a romantic way? hmm..i'll ask hazza when he gets back. he always knows what to do!..about ten minutes later i heard kee's door close..hmm..scare kee time :D !!!...i bobbed down and hid behind the island in the middle of the kitchen so she couldnt see me and then she came in

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