.:. Here is chapter one! Read it and tell me what you think of it, constructive criticism is welcome! I'm starting the book before the virus hit everyone and it does begin on a plane, flying to New York. I don't know much about New York or any of the places there so just bear with me lol. Also it starts off a little slow but then it builds up near the end : )




Chapter One

A Grey Departure

Melody's P.O.V

The clouds huddled together conspicuously, their dark curves moved across the sky as small droplets of rain began to fall to the dry ground. Thunder roared from the clouds as a flash of lightning flew across the sky and disappeared almost instantly. I leaned back into the cushioned chair and looked away from the small, oval window. I breathed in a low breath as I dug my nails into the armrest, bracing myself for impact. I pulled my small pink phone out of my grey bag and looked down at the bright screen.

Four-thirty p.m.

The plane should be taking off soon. Very soon. I squeezed my eyes shut and bit down on my lower lip, tightening my grip on the armrest. I grabbed onto a lock of my black hair with my other hand and entwined my pale fingers into the many curls.

I gasped in fright as the door of the plane swung open and smashed against the white wall. A heavyset man wearing a brown trench coat stumbled onto the plane, he exchanged a quick conversation with the stewardess before he began walking down the aisle of the near empty plane. A stream of rainwater ran down his face and soaked into his dark coat, drenching him from head-to-toe.

The distinct smell of rainwater flooded my nostrils as the man walked past me. I looked down the aisle and peered down at the trail of water the man had left behind. The red carpet darkened in colour as the water soaked into the fabric. I leaned back into the chair and exhaled an unsteady breath, preparing myself for the inevitable.