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So Here it is... THE RE WRITTEN.... CHAPTER 3 XD

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Chapter 3 - The Aftermath

I stared at the town Mayor. Mayor Reed had been our mayor for years now. I could not understand how he got re-elected: everyone hated him. I thought he'd fixed it. No one would have voted for him again.

I sat next to Alyssa as we listened to his story. Glancing around the school cafeteria, there weren't a lot of people here. All of them were adults, with just a few babies. I felt like me and Alyssa were the only teens left. I peeked at the wall and a poster caught my eye. 'School prep rally'.


I stared at my hands.

That’s why there was no one left. Everyone had gone to the school prep rally.


Alyssa elbowed me slightly, bringing me back to reality. I smiled weakly at her. I don’t think the shock had worn off yet, for both of us. I turned back to the mayor and listened to him speak.


“It was a terrible experience. To see me best friends give their lives up for me.”


He looked hurt, but I saw right through it. I bet he pushed his friends in front of those Zombies just to save himself.


“I saw those things everywhere. There were people screaming and running. No one saw it coming. I think that’s why so little survived. Oh, and with what had happened at the hospital-”


“What happened at the hospital?” I asked, cutting him off.


My mother....


He turned to me, as if noticing me for the first time. He knew me, though. Everyone in this town knew me. It wasn’t that big of a town, and everything flew through here like a high school rumor.


He looked at me, apparently lost for words.


“The Zombies...they attacked the hospital first. No one survived.”

No one survived.


Those words echoed over and over in my head. I was never going to see my mother again.