I lost my virginity to a DEMON (but if he's a demon why the HELL does he look like an ANGEL?!) Chp 3

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I lost my virginity to a DEMON (but if he's a demon why the HELL does he look like an ANGEL?!)



i just logged on at 6:15 30th january to find 17! VOTES ON MY STORY *damn pleased* i am soo happy cuz this is the vote grabber on my page, i'd love to see more of this stoory being like chapter 2 my newest fans are going a bit crayzey over this so i'm goona post more before they track me down lol

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"how did you know i was thinking that i was still a virgin?" moment of dilema

"uhh, i just....... uhhm.... GUESSED!!, he clicked his fingers as if i was asking him an exam question

"oh, are you s-sure your okay?" i looked at Adam who was clearly nervous for some unknown apparent reason

"i'm uhh good" he stammered

"well, let's go to my house and have a swim shall we?" i smiled and pulled adam along to his car, i'd known it was his car because i've noticed him driving the most expensive, flashy, shiniest thing i'd ever seen

"sure, want to drive?" he smiled kindly

"errm, yeah sure, if i ad a licence" i raised my eyebrows at him, which made him laugh

"oh haha sorry" he smiled and i blushed, who'd have thought, the unlikely pair (us) were in love, or something just like it

"it's not your fault" i looked up at him

"i know it's not, now get in the car, in case i accidentally pick up some chick" he grinned

"oh no you didn't" i laughed doing my bestest sarah impression Adam looked at me and i pouted sarah-ishly and he laughed

We ended our journey in the front drive of my house

i opened the door and Adam sat on the sofa with his head in his hands as if he were in turmoil with his mind

Did i mention my mom and dad bought me my own house and they offered to pay the RENT?!!! yeah my parents are great people and i meant it when i said MY house hahahahaha oh well, this house was HUGE, i mean 4 bedrooms -one person, what the hell!? hahaha- 2 bathrooms, a massive kitchen, a lounge conjoined studies and offices and i loved it, i got to decorate this place, me bedroom was the biggest and it was burgundy and dark red, very cosy in winter, the other rooms were cream and a toffee colour which was very cosy too, cosy enough for a guy and girl preferably me and Adam- oh my god, what the hell was i thinking!?

"well, that's what i'd like to know" Adam looked at me through his fringe

"huh, wha-"

"i'm not as normal as you think i am Karri-ann, i might seem it on the outside but on the other side of the wall there's hell raging inside me"

"what are you talking about, adam?" i squealed

"i just want you to know that i'm not normal, i never have and never will be" he looked up at me

"i still don't get it, what are you if your not normal?" i looked at him and sat next to him, he moved away as if he was scared to touch me incase i'd break under his touch

"that's the thing, i can't say, i love you to much to lose this connection we have together" he leaned closer to me and i kissed him, he enveloped me in his arms and i let myself melt into him like a chocolate bar in a pocket

"you will never lose me, i love you" i breathed, adam smiled and i looked up into his eyes, he let his hand travel up my leg and up my side, i let him venture up my back until he found my necklace that my mom bought me for my birthday, he unclipped it and he set it on the table and he resumed his touching adventure, he took off my sweater and i was laying on the sofa with a very thing shirt on (that he could see my bra through, i knew i shouldn't have wore the damn neon yellow one!) he took off his shirt so that he was topless and he pulled me up into his arms, he carried me into my bedroom and i sat on the edge of the bed while he unbuttoned my shirt, i was a little nervous, well a bit more than a little, ok fine i'll admit i was REALLY nervous about this, but i didn't want this to stop, adam's chest rippled as he lay down on my bed with me, i straddled him and i was eventually kissing him while sitting on top of him, his hands stroked my sides making me shudder, and he unclipped my bra, i leaned forward while i kieed him so i could slide out of my skirt, the only thing i had on was my panties and a hairband i always wore, i took my shoes off at the door. i helpen adam unbelt his jeans and he threw them onto the floor, we didn't bother with covers (or condoms haha) adam smiled at my thought, now i understood he could read my mind, now that he said that he wasn't normal, which wasn't really helping deciphering what he was if he wasn't human...