Jasons POV

I ran over and helped Sophia to stand up. She leaned against the wall to keep her balance. "We need to get out of here" I sighed. "Thats not exactly gonna be easy though, there's nurses and guards walking the hallways" Sophia said. "Yeah I know" I had to think of something. "Margaret are you in this ro-" A nurse said walking in. "Oh dear, Margaret get up" the nurse said, not noticing me and Sophia in the room. "What happened?" she mumbled. She looked over at us and screamed "CALL THE COPS" she screamed running down the corridor. "Shit. We have to go" I said quickly. "HOW?" Sophia said. She walked over to the window and looked down. "Oh you can walk now huh?" I mumbled. She didn't hear me. "We're up too high for the window" she sighed. Suddenly two security guards burst in. One of them grabbed my arm and the other grabbed Sophia's arm. A cop walked into the room and took out a notebokk and wrote down something , without saying anything. "Jason McCann" I heard a familiar voice saying. I looked up and saw Nick Stokes walking in the door. "What the f#ck? Your dead! You should be dead!" I said loudly. He just laughed. "Guys, let them go" Nick said to the guards, then he looked at me "Im smarter than you think," he said. "Putting a bomb in the neighbours house? A hostage situation? That's funny because the neighbours moved out 3 months ago" Nick said. "Nice going, Jase" Sophia mumbled. "Shut up" I said to her. "Oh and Catherine Willows is missing, you wouldn't happen to know anything about this?" he said looking at me. "No.." I lied. He looked over at Sophia. "What about you?" He said. "No" she said quietly looking at the floor. "Oh really because her last duty at the office was with you!" he said. "I don't know anything about her going missing" Sophia said. "Yes you do, Jason can't hurt you right now if you tell the truth" Nick said. She sighed and looked over at me. I glared at her. She looked over at Nick. "I just was with her because she saw me running down the street at night. "What or WHO were you running from?" Nick said looking over at me. "I was just running ok?!" She said loudly. "Why are you here, in the hospital?" Nick said to her, changing the subject. "I fell" She said, "Right" Nick said sarcastically. "She did fall!" I said. "How did she fall?" Nick asked. "Somebody pushed her" I said. "Who would that be?" Nick said. "Kurt, the guy who tried to rob the bank a few months ago" I said. "Him? He's doing community work!" Nick laughed, "He couldn't have possibly done that, he's a good kid now" Nick said. "Are you serious?! Kurt is the opposite of a good kid! Look what he did to Sophia!" I said. She rolled up her sleeve and showed Him the scar. "You couldve of done that, Jason" Nick sighed. "I swear I didn't!" I said. "Sophia, tell the truth. Who done that?" Nick said, "Kurt did! He used glass!" She said. "We haven't done anything wrong!" Sophia said. "You tried to kill me" Nick said to the both of us. "YOU KILLED ALEX!" I shouted. "He was going to shoot one of us" Nick said. "You promised that time, that you wouldn't kill him. You lied! You deserve to die for what you did!" I said. "Youve killed more people, don't you think you deserve to die?" Nick said. "HEY! Don't say that about Jason" Sophia shouted. "Hmm your sister is on your side" Nick said. "Wheres Timothy Johnson?" Nick asked. "Hes....gone" I mumbled. "Gone where?" Nick said. "Why should I tell you?" I snapped. "Because he's the one who took you in, right?" Nick said. "NO! I took him in, he just...helped me" I said. "Fine, so where is he? Shouldn't he be with you and Sophia?" Nick asked. "Hes gone to Chicago" I sighed. Sophia looked over at me, "But you said he's dead?" She said quietly. "We have to track him, somebody needs to take care of these two" Nick said to the other cop. "NO!" Sophia shouted. "What?" Nick said looking around. "You can't let him come back!" she cried. "Why not?" Nick asked. "Sophia shut up, if they don't let him come to us, they'll put us in juvie or something!" I whispered to her. "Jason what did you just say to her?" Nick asked suspicously. "I told her about why I said Johnson was dead..." I lied. "And why did you say that in the first place?" Nick said. "I said it because Sophia wanted to...go to Chicago when she heard so I just told her he died" I lied.