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Chubby girl and popular hot guy. What a match!


Abby's POV

The day is almost over at school. I look intently at the clock ignoring completely at Mr. Roses talking about World War II. Honestly, why does he find war so exciting?

Ding, Ding, Ding!!

"Finally", I mutter and I gather my stuff. As I run out of he classroom.

It's not that I hate school. I just want to get home as soon as possible to help mom. My mom is a housekeeper. She works at this huge mansion near the sea. It's beautiful! We've lived there since I can remember. It's a nice place to live. It could be perfect if it weren't for ... Jessica. Her father, Mr. Brown, owns the mansion me and mom live in. Jessica and I practically grew up together. But we are not very close. In fact, we are not at all close. She's a stuck up bitch. When we were kids she made my life miserable and she still tries her best to bother me as much as she can. On the other hand, Mr. Brown is a very kind man. He is like a father to me, since I never met mine. My father died before I was born. Mom doesn't like talking about him much, it makes her sad.

Jessica and I go to the same school. I'd prefer to be somewhere else than in this golden hole. Everybody here is so different to me. All of them have tons of money and are always showing off. Well, all except for my best friend in the whole world: Daniel. He's Jessica's big brother but, they are so different!

Danny is 18 and he's kind of cute. He's got brown straight hair, which he likes keeping messy. He's tall and has a good body, I think. As a little girl I used to have a crush on him, but not anymore. Now, he's like my brother.

Anyway, as I was living to the front door of the school I tripped and fell down. Thank God I put my hand forward or I would've hit my face straight to the floor. I couldn't help but noticed a pair of high heels, one of them tapping against the floor annoyingly. I get up with effort since my knees ached and I see that the one tapping her shoes in front of me is none but: Jessica!

"Hey, you fell", she points.

"Aw dear, you've must have used up you little only neuron to come up to that conclusion by yourself", I fire back as I try to go around her and leave. But, she grabs my arm.

"Let me go, Jessica", I say through gritted teeth. I swear I'm restraining my self from punching her.

"One thing, I have a date tonight, could you tell your mom to check if my pink sweater is clean." She says, as she squeezes my arm trying to hurt me.

"Check it yourself!"

"Why, your mom's the maid. She should do it."

"My mom is not the maid, she's the housekeeper"

"Whatever just make sure she does it" she replies and lets go of my arm. My God! This girl is just trying to make me lose it but I won't give her the satisfaction. And I leave without a word; it's useless to waste words with people like her.

I walk home, I walk home every day and it's not because of the exercise. I like walking; it gives me time to think. I wonder what dinner would be today. Yeah, I like eating too. I'm a chubby girl, so what? It's no crime to be a little overweight. I feel comfortable like this, eating as much as I want and not caring about gaining weight. As I keep on thinking about being OK with my weigh but deep down knowing I don't like being fat; I get home.

My mom is waiting for me in the porch. She looks so beautiful in her dark-blue suit. I suddenly wish I'd look a bit like her. I take after my father after all. All chubby and ugly looking.

I immediately stop from pitying myself and give a mom a hug. I love my mom so much; she's the best mom anyone could ever have. She's always making me feel special.

"You look kind of down" she says giving me a concern look.

"I'm fine" I reply.

"I'm not sure a believe you" I say, showing all my teeth in a surely the fakest smile in history.

"Come on Abby, I'm your mother I know you too well". Damn! She does know me too well.

"It's Jessica; she was picking me in school again. Honestly mom, if she does that one more time I'm not gonna be able to stop my fist from hitting her nose job!"

"Aw, Abby. I know she's always bothering you but you cannot do that to her poor ugly nose", we start laughing at my mom's comment and get into the house. I start taking the left door to my room when I remember...

"Oh, mom. Before I forget. Jessica wants you to see if her pink sweater is clean. She says she has a date tonight"

Will's POV

"Aw, man!", I say after I hang up.

"What's the problem bro? Who was that?" Mark asks as he goes to the fridge and takes out a beer.

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