The Zodiac Curse


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“Mom!” I screamed. “Dad!”

I shot up into a sitting position breathing heavily. Where am I? The wind blew softly, the grass around me was soft, and a pretty clear pond sat in front of me. I face palmed my sweaty face. How could I fall asleep while doing my laundry? I’m so stupid! What if someone from school saw me? Then my cover would be blown. And life would suck… even more.

My name is Callie Michelle and I’m 17 years old. Last month, both of my parents died in a car crash. They were on their way to pick me up from my friends’ house and a drunk driver hit them I guess. I mean, that’s what the police told me and my parents have always told me to believe what a cop tells you… Even though I think it’s a stupid thing to say. Believe in what a random person tells you? Whatever… Can’t question them now though. I wasn’t that close with my parents, but it still sucks to have them one day and the next their gone.

Since they died, I’ve been living with my grandfather, but his house is getting renovated so he’s staying at his daughters’ house for a while. He asked me if I had any friends to stay with and I said yes, but the truth is, I don’t really want to bother my friends. My best friends are Rachel and Daniella but Rachel lives in a one room apartment with her mother and Daniella lives with such a big family that I know I’d only get in the way. I decided: I’d live on my own and work for my own tuition for a while until my grandfathers’ house is finished renovating. So now I’m living in a tent in the woods! It’s not the most comfortable place, but I’ll only be living there for a month at the most so I think I’ll do fine.

I stood up and dusted off my school uniform that I was still wearing from that day. The school uniform consisted of a navy blue skirt that was only mid-thigh, a navy blue button up shirt, and brown boots. It was alright for a uniform but it still wasn’t the best thing to be wearing around.

I stretched then stared at my reflection in the pond. I have blue eyes and black hair that falls just past the middle of my back. My body is slim, not skinny but no where near fat. My eyes stared back at me with an expression that even I couldn’t read. Sadness, happiness? I was never good at showing my emotions.

I checked the time from my watch. 6:45pm. I gasped. “I’m so gonna be late!” I yelled. I threw my school uniform off and switched it for the light blue scrubs for my work as one of the custodians at the local hotel. I put my hair up into a ponytail then threw all my clothes back into my bag. I grabbed it and started running to my tent.

I’m not the best runner, nor do I have the best of luck, so what happens to me while running through the woods?  I fall. And what happens when I fall in the middle of the woods? I fall into the arms of my high schools most popular guy, Chase Davis. And what happens when I fall into the arms of my high schools most popular guy in the middle of the woods? I turn into a cat.

Did I forget to mention that I have been cursed with a thing called the Zodiac Curse? Every time I’m hugged by the opposite gender, the curse activates. I’ve been cursed with the cat, which is supposedly the most shunned animal out of the zodiac. It’s not even part of the Zodiac Calendar. Whenever others that also have the Zodiac Curse see me, they always glare or talk about how terrible I am even though I haven’t done anything to them. To sum it up, my life sucks.

This thought ran through my mind as I ‘poofed’ into a black haired and blue eyed cat and fell into the arms of Chase.

Another thought that ran through my mind was, what is Chase doing in the middle of the woods anyways?



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