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One and Only


Surprise! I said I'd upload tomorrow, but I uploaded a day early! I am so proud! This is the shortest time ever taken to upload!

But anyway, thank you for commenting and voting! I loved every comment!! :D They all mean a whole lot to me!!


You know, if you guys read my rants, I wouldn't have to repeat the same things every chapter. That wasn't supposed to be bitchy, just saying. :)

Anyway, the cover's link: (also in external link) It's by xxCupcakeForYouxx!! Thank you! :D

The pic to the side is of Jade's dress at the comp. :D

This chapter is short, and probably a little boring cause it's just a filler chapter. I just wanted to get this out of the way. :) 



One and Only


Chapter Thirty-One - Nerves Suck


"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my-" My nervous rant was abruptly cut off by Noah's irritated, yet smooth voice.

"Calm down, Cupcake. Don't fret over it."

"How can I not fret?" I screamed. "It's tomorrow!"

"So?" he asked nonchalantly.

"What do you mean so? Aren't you even the littlest bit nervous?" I asked, slightly agitated that he could be so cool while I was practically having a nervous breakdown.

"I'm Noah," he said, as if that prompt answer explained it all.

"Your point being?" I asked, with a slightly raised eyebrow.

"I don't get nervous." his voice was velvety and hysteria free, contradicting my mood.

I rolled my eyes. Of course. Forever overconfident.

"You want me to kiss your nerves away?" he asked, his voice very suggestive.

Yes, please. I mentally shook my head out of the gutter and glared at him, "Of course not."

"You know you want me to."

Yes, I really do. "No, I don't." That was a little too defensive.

He leaned in closer to me and whispered seductively into my ear, "But, I'm irresistible."

"N-no, you're n-not." my firm negotiation went down the drain.

He chuckled deeply, his chest rumbling. Tingles ran down my spine at the wonderful sound. Oh, the things he makes me feel.

"L-let's just practice. The competition's tomorrow. We have to be absolutely perfect!" I exclaimed, my nerves starting to catch up to me again. Or should I say my nerves for the competition came back?

"If it makes you feel better." Noah shrugged.

I wish I had gotten even an ounce of his self-assurance. Maybe I wouldn't be such a nervous wreck.


"Can I please, please, please pack your bag?" Rose begged me.

"Why?" I asked, exasperated.


"That's not a reason!"

"Just let me." she whined.

I sighed, my resolve slightly swaying at her perseverance.

"Come on, if I pack, you can practice more," she said while lightly punching my right arm.

I gave in to the bribe, and sighed exaggeratedly, "Fine, if you really want to."

Why would you ever want to go through the trouble of having to pack someone else's bag? That's just more work. Rose will unceasingly abash me.

Was there anything special she wanted to pack? Because if so, it's not like I'd refuse or anything.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" she bellowed happily.

I cringed, "Must you try to make me deaf?"

"I'm just really excited!" she yelped.

I looked at her with an expression that clearly stated that she had lost it and replied, "It's not that exciting."

"It is! For me! Now get out!" she ordered.

"Sheesh, you could say that nicely, too. And besides, it's my room so I decide if I want to get out or not," I said stubbornly while sitting down on the bed.

"If you don't get out, how are you going to practice?"

I gasped, "You're right!" I quickly jumped off the bed and ran out to find Noah.


"I'm really scared, Noah," I said, at the verge of hyperventilation. I anxiously fisted my hand into my blue, flowy dress that reached my knees.

"I know." he said from beside me.

"You're supposed to say something that makes me feel better!"

"I know."

"Those are your encouraging words?"

He smiled, a heart-stopping smile, and grabbed my shoulders, "Cupcake, just dance your best and forget we're being watched."

I nodded.

"And take a deep breath," he offered.

I nodded again and took in a much needed breath in through my nostrils and out my lips. I grinned, feeling much better. "Thank you."

"Yeah console her as much as you want," the snobby girl, that we came across before and who's name we've come to know, Maya, said in a stuck-up voice, "because we're going to whoop both of your asses."

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Nerves Suck


Chace Crawfordas Noah Evers
Nina Dobrevas Jade Harrison
Jesse McCartneyas Alex Stoner
Zooey Deschanelas Rose Smith
Hayden Panettiereas Emily Trench
Ana Belenas Maria Harrison
Adam Brodyas Liam Brody
Patrick Dempseyas Mike Crosley
Mia Talericoas Charlie Evers
Rene Russoas Jane Evers
Luke Perryas Steve Evers

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