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One Direction Preferences c;


~Hey before I start, I would like to point out some abbreviations that I will be using for these. BSM: Brother-Sister Moment. For these I will be putting the age next to the band members name c;~

Harry(Age 3): "Bubba, I miss mummy" You said with tears in your eyes. Your mum had went on a business trip and had you stay with your big brother, Harry. "Don't cry. Mum will be back in a couple of days." Harry replied and picked you up. You wiped your tiny hand over your face to dry the tears that had fallen. "Promise?" You asked. "I promise. Do you want to sleep with bubba tonight? Because I'm tired." Harry gave a small smile and you nodded. He laid you down next to him in his bed. "GoodNight. Sweet Dreams." He said and pecked your cheek. "Good night bubby." You replied and fell asleep

Louis(Age 5): Louis had gotten up to use the bathroom, when he heard crying from your room. He peaked his head in the room. "Y/N? Sweetheart what's wrong? Louis asked and walked to you. "I tried to scare the monsters away like you always do, but they started laughing at me" You said with tears rolling down your face. "Awh. Well that's not very nice. Lets go downstairs and get some ice cream and I will take care of those mean monsters in the morning. Does that sound good?" Louis asked. Of course you being 5 years of age and it was WAYY past your bedtime, the mention of ice cream intrigued you. You nodded happily. "Okay, but don't tell mummy, I let you have ice cream this late. I might be a grown up but she would still beat my butt happily" Louis replied causing you to burst into a fit of giggles. "Okay I wont" You giggled before being carried downstairs and eating ice cream with your big brother.

Niall(Age 14): Niall had just gotten back from tour and he promised you he would pick you up from school at the start of spring break. You were standing outside waiting for your big brother to arrive, when some girls from your class came over. "Hey Horan." One of the girls spat at you. "What you doing out here? Waiting for your gorgeous brother to pick you up from school. Heard you talking about it and how excited you were about it." Another one spat. "Am I not allowed to be happy that my brother is home for a couple months?" You spat back at them. "Don't you dare talk to me like that. Will you just stop being the Horan reject out of the family. You are talentless. You are ugly and you don't deserve to be Niall Horan's sister. Ugh you disgust me." The first one spat at you, making tears form in your big blue eyes. "Are you a fan?" You asked through tears. "Yes and Niall is my favorite and one day I will be the directioner he marries and I will be his princess." She said emphasizing the I's. You saw Niall's car pull up and him smile at you. You hadn't seen him for months. You put on a fake smile and wiped your eyes. Niall rushed out the car and the two girls that had been bullying you, started screaming. But he ignored them, he missed you. He picked you up and twirled you around. "Hey Chipmunk. I missed you." He chuckled. "I missed you too Ni-Ni" You giggled and he put you down. The two girls looked at you with envy. He knelt down. "Why were you crying?" He asked, quietly. You gave a small point to the girls, who were still fangirling. "I'm guessing you two are fans?" He asked with his signature smile. They both nodded. "Then don't bully my sister." He said sternly and picked you up. You stuck your tongue out at the girls, who's life look like it just ended. Once you two got in the car, you did break down. "What did they say to you?" He asked and leaned over to put his hand on your back. "They said I was a Horan reject, I'm ugly, I'm untalented and that I don't deserve to be your sister." You cried into your knees. "Don't listen to those assholes. They don't deserve to call themselves directioners. You are beautiful and extremely talented. Plus they don't get to stay at my house for spring break now do they?" Niall asked. "You're serious. I'm going to London with you?" You asked completely oblivious. He nodded with a smile. "Yes Chipmunk. You didn't think I would just leave you here in Ireland, by yourself for spring break did you?" He asked with a chuckle. "Well I guess not." You laughed and started thinking about the thing that girl said about being his princess. "A girl can only dream" You laughed. "What are you talking about?" Niall asked. "The girl who told me all those things. She said that You were her favorite and she would be the directioner you marry and she will be your princess." You keeled over laughing. "I'm not a pedophile, she's like what 12?" Niall asked. "13 but close enough" You laughed.

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