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My Gynecologist Is A Male?



Chapter 1- Yes or No?




"Come on, Baby." Chase said rubbing my leg with his hand as it itched closer to my inner thigh.


"No Chase!" I said sternly swapping away his hand.


“We could do it in my car.”


“We don’t have time.” I said steering the conversation.


“We could do it really quick; we still have five minutes to spare.”


“No Chase!” I said more gravely.  


"You're no fun." He said crossing his arm and making a pout. He looked so adorable with his lips sticking out like a fish as he pouted; his lime green eyes that reminded me of spring grass, and his flawless chocolate hair that reminded me of the ocean waves.


"Can't you wait?"


"We've been dating for a year already!"


“I’m-I’m-I’m….not ready, Chase.” I said pleading with my voice for him to understand.


“Just forget it!” He said standing up from the bench we were sitting on.


“Chase wait!” I said as I grabbed his forearm to stop him.


“What?!” He yelled. I hated seeing him mad. I couldn’t stand seeing those creases on his beautiful forehead because of me.


“I’ll do it.” I said barely audible.


“You will?”


I took a big breath and released the word that I knew for sure I was going to regret. “Yes.”


“Are you sure? I mean I don’t want you to feel pressured or anything?”




“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” He said repeatedly as he hugged me tightly. I smiled at his child like behavior. “Baby, you won’t regret this, I promise. I will finally be able to show you just how much I love you.”  He let me go to give me a kiss that felt like eternity. We both were breathing heavily, by the time the bell rug for class separated us.


“We have to get to class.” I said grabbing my stuff, before we both headed inside. I was about to open the door to class, when Chase stopped me.


“What?” I said quizzically before he leaned forward and kissed me deeply enough to have left a bruise.


“I’m glad you’re ready.” He whispered into my ear seductively before turning around to leave.


I entered class and sat next to my best friend, April. As soon as she saw me she knew something was wrong, that’s how close we are. “What’s wrong?”


“Nothing.” I stated simply not daring to look at her.


“Suzy.” She said in a threatening tone that only I could decipher; it meant tell me or else…


“I’ll tell you later.” I said knowing exactly that she’ll forget by the end of class.


“No. You tell me now.”


“The teacher’s coming.” I said facing the front board, where the teacher stood, with as much interest as possible.


“It’s history. You hate history.” I stayed silent and knew I was defeated.


“Fine, I’ll tell you.” I said turning around to face her once again. I stared at her deciding if it was best to tell the truth or fib.


“Come on tell me.” She said with inpatient blue eyes so I had to tell her the truth. “Are you for reals?!”


“Yes.” I said meekly.


“I can’t believe you said yes!” She said a little too loud but enough to cause turning heads our way.


“Ladies.” Mrs. Spence said firmly.


“Sorry Mrs. Spence.” We said in unison. As soon as Mrs. Spence continued the lesson, April snapped her head towards me so quick I think I saw a bone pop out.


“I still can’t believe you said yes.” She whispered bleakly.


“Well, it’s- I mean- You should have seen his face!” I said finding it difficult to place syllables together. Truth was I couldn’t believe I said yes too.


“Who cares about his F****** face?! If you’re not ready, you’re not ready!”


“What makes you think that I’m not ready?!” I said kind of offended. I mean, I know I’m not, but my stubborn side still found it hard to accept it.

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