Abused(Mindless Behavior)boyxboy


AN:Sorry guys...I haven't uploaded/updated in forever I been trying to help my horrific writing.This is just a part just to tell y'all I'm back...

Prince P.O.V.

I missed my RayBear. I realized that I really love him.He was the only reason I turned gay.I mean I would have found out sooner or later but he helped me "figure myself out" as my mom said.My mom was the only person who understood me.

Loud steps interrupted my thoughts."Prince it's time!!!" I heard Star call. I guess your wondering what the fuck is she talking about...Well you are about to see.

Ray P.O.V

What is it time for? I looked out of the teal shower curtain. I saw Star walking over to Princey with something in her hand.What is that?!?!?!? I mentally yelled at myself. I started panicking to myself.PLEASE don't be what I think it is.

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