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Summer Daze (Kirito x Asuna)


As Kirito rushed back, an creepy grin was on his cute face.

"Your grin is too creepy, Kirito-kun. What did you do?"

"I can't tell... Anyway, the bell is going to ring, so let's head to our classes and wait..."

I nodded hesitantly. I really needed to break away from my shyness.

We walked silently to the hallways, walking next to each other.

As I turned to look at him, his cute features made me blush, and I silently turned away, my face pink.

"What's wrong, Asuna-chan?" He asked, smiling.

"N-nothing..." I'm at my art class, bye, K-Kirito-kun..." I said, as the bell rang.

"See you in Math, then... We are in the same class..." He walked away, smiling.

I knew he was in my class, but I never socialized, so yeah.

As I headed to my seat, I continued my manga until class started.

My art teacher, Ms. Suzuki, told that there was an Student Council assembly.

I sighed & dropped my manga, following my class.


We were at the auditorium, and I took my seat.

"Welcome to the Student Council assembly. The staff chose these girls, so I'll call them up." The principal, Mrs. Daniels said.

I sighed heavily, and continued to watch.

"The president, Melody Mashiro!"

She stood up, and headed to the stage, wobbling at each step.

"Hi... Nice to meet you..." She said, and took her seat.

"Vice President, Kyoko Mashiro!"

Kyoko stood up, bravely walking to the stage and sitting to Melody, her sister.

"Treasurer, Asuna Yukki!"

Wait, what?!

The crowd looked at me, and Kirito gave me an thumbs up. I'll punish him later.

I shot an glare at him, and walked to the stage, sitting left, next to Melody.

She smiled at me, and Kyoko did, too.

"Secretary, Celeste Adams!"

Celeste came on the stage, and sat beside to me.

She smiled at me.

"And... The aid, Maya Lockheart."

She sat beside Maya, and they pinned red fabric onto their uniforms, and I did, too.

"Why the damn hell did you sign me up?!" I said, grabbing his collar.

"I wanted you to socialize, like I did to you."

"Okay, but I have to meet up with the other girls, and I'll meet at Math Class. Save me an spot, ok....?"

He nodded, following his first class.

I followed my class, wondering how to socialize.


At the student council room, I met all the girls.

"I'm Melody Mashiro. Want to be friends with us...? You look like an lonely person, and we are all nice, only if any perverts are in here..." She said, her brown hair in an ponytail.

Celeste whistled.

"Hi, Asuna-chan! I'm an little pervertish, but I'm nice! I'm Celeste Adams, by the way!" She said, her pink hair in twin ponytails.

I trembled...

"I'm Asuna Yukki. I'm really shy, so can I be friends with you guys?"

"Yep~" They replied, making me smile.

"I'm Kyoko Mashiro. Melody's sister. I love butlers..."

Melody hit her head.

"Don't say that...."

"Sorry." She said, rubbing her head.

"I'm Maya Lockheart~ I'm an nice girl, and I have a lot of talents~"

We chatted, and went back to our next period rooms.

"Asuna-chan! Over here!" He said, waving his hands.

"Kirito-kun, thanks for saving me an seat." I replied, grabbing my textbooks.

--Time Skip--

"Bye, Kirito-kun~!" I said, walking to the Council room.

I was seated next to Celeste.

"Guys, this is our first meeting," Melody said, sighing as she sat back down.

"So, Kyoko, as Vice President, you can cover up for me if I'm sick," Kyoko nodded.

"Asuna, you're good with money, right...?" I smiled and nodded. That's my secret, but the teachers uncovered it....

"You can collect and save up the funds in this Manila envelope." Melody said, handing me an big envelope.

"As Secretary, Celeste, you will plan and write stuff down for us." Celeste nodded and grabbed a notebook from her bag.

"And, Maya, as Aid, you will plan events with me, carry and deliver stuff, and cover up for Asuna and Celeste if they cannot make it."

"Hai!" We all shouted.

"Well, it's still early, so we can go home or hang out." I recommended.


We all hung out, and I started to socialize more, making one of my many goals accomplished.

"Melody, Would you be Emo or Tsundre?" I asked.

"W-why would you... A-Ask me... That... Anyway..?" She said, her face red.

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