Chapter Fifteen

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"There'll be a group of twenty.. maybe slightly more. I've hired some people to help you if that's alright?" Zayn asked as I drew a bold '12' on my notepad and circled around it.

"That's great." I sighed, relief flooding through me that the responsibility wasn't entirely on my head. Zayn was throwing a banquet which was rich people talk for a family dinner.

"They'll be here in an hour. I'm leaving you in charge though because I don't trust any of them assholes to do anything right, here's a list of what I need you to make."

I took the list and my eyes quickly skimmed over it. Some of the dishes were basic while others would require more attention. I felt a sense of pride that he'd put me in charge but pushed it to one side for now, paying attention to the task at hand.

"I'm counting on you Marissa." He repeated, his eyes sincere.

"Everything will go great." I reassured.


Two hours later and everything was running smoothly. The workers had arrived the exact time Zayn had said and they immediately looked to me as their leader. I guess he must've mentioned something to them. I set out groups to make different dishes and the kitchen was more than large enough to accommodate all of us.

I was surprised to have found that an hour after Zayn had disappeared, I'd stepped into the dining room to find it transformed. I'd barely been in here because Zayn usually ate in front of the TV like a normal twenty year old. But the unused mahogany thirty seating table was covered in a silk table cloth and had a pattern of plates, candelabras and napkins. People bustled around it, placing knives and forks in a well practiced manner.

"This place looks amazing." I breathed.

"Thanks." A voice came from behind me, startling me. I turned around and a guy wearing a uniform identically to all the other workers stood behind me. I liked the uniform, at first it'd made me feel out of place in my black pencil skirt and cream blouse, but now it was starting to fit the scene. "I'm Jason, I'm in charge of this part." He nodded towards the table decorations and such, holding his hand out.

"Marissa." I smiled, shaking it.

"Whatchya cooking in there? Smells good." He had a slight twinge to his accent which made me assume he wasn't from London.

"A few bits and bobs." I smirked, not bothered to go over the details. He nodded as if understanding my hesitancy.

"How long you been working for Mr. Malik?" He asked casually.

"About a month." I answered, after thinking for a few minutes. Woah, that long already?

"That's cool."

Guests began arriving and I seated them, leaving Jason to clear away his team. Once Zayn finally arrived, things went smoother because I didn't have to play hostess, which meant I could keep a closer eye on the food.

When the dessert was finally being served, I went out to the dining room to see how everything was going down. All the seats of the dining table were occupied by different aged relatives of Malik's. They were mostly a range of thirty to seventy year olds but I noticed with a smile that most of their plates were clean. The dessert was lemon sponge cake and strawberry soufflé.

"'Scuse me lass, but shouldn't you have joined us a while back?" A greying man with a smile as wide as the titanic motioned me over.

"I'm not sure I understand what you mean." I smiled politely and a female sitting opposite him laughed lightly.