MISSING U (zayn malik and selena gomez fanfic)


Sooo sorry I know the last chap was lame but this one is a bit well improved (I Hope)

so this chap I a bit different cuz I will be focusing a bit on Liam and Humeira hope you like it

Liam's P.O.V

I was so exhausted from all that training GOD! I hate being captain of the football time always have to stay in shape, practise so you don't loose and Blah-Blah-Blah. So I was walking out of the Gym when I saw the studio light on and Beyoncé's song Halo was playing, Well this is quite odd the studio normally closes an hour before I leave.

So of course I was going to see who was there, then I see a girl with curly hair wearing a black sweats with a white tank top dancing to the playing song, she was really good you could see how she was flowing with music her every spin, pose , move was just perfect and if I may say I was.. well sort of checking her out at the same time....Until I hear someone say "Ya done checking me out," the girl says out of nowhere "Huh.......ummmmm... I guess...so" I say a bit embarrassed I mean I check girls out all the time but this was the first time I actually got caught "Ohh I didn't know the Liam Payne gets embarrassed.." the girl said with a chuckle wait I have heard this voice somewhere .."HUMEIRA," I say suddenly remembering the voice "NO! Cruella De Vil," she says "NONONONONONO you are Humeira," I say a bit confused she had her back to me as she packed up her bag and picked it up "Are you sure I am Humeira ?" she asked me "ya you are Humeira" I said clearly confused is she trying to make some sort of fool out of me.

Humeira's P.O.V

Okay so if you could see Liam's face right now you should know how hard am I trying not to laugh, but my mouth gives up and I burst out laughing and when I turn to see liam looks to be even more confused O LORD! he is so confused "WAIT! WHAT!"  "lets go Liam and stop making a fool out of yourself,"

Liam's P.O.V

So clearly Humeira just made a fool out of me and i clearly feel stupid at the moment and she keeps showing me my confused expressions and ya i feel embarrassed "so what were you doing in the building for soo long,"she asked "well i was in the gym just getting myself ready for the big match and you?" "I was just dancing while you were checking me out," she said that with a smirk "uhh you also check me out when were in school"I replay back with the same smirk "ahh excuse me but I only check hot guys out not people like you, by the way last one to the park is a loser," she then suddenly pushes me back and starts running towards the park ,before I knew it I was running after her and since being a good runner i reached the park before her "BOO YAAA," I yelled since i love winning "I won you,I won you," I sing-songed "Whatever," she said as she sat on the swing " and then i just say "do you smell that," "smell what?" she asked clearly confused "I don't know .... I think its the smell of jealousy," "shut up! I am not jealous you did have an advantage over me anyways."

So i don't know for how longwe have been in the park but i really don't want to leave because she is so funny loud and crazy and how her curly hair bounces up and down when she moves her head her very cute laugh and her brown eyes beautiful like her i just stay there with her and get to know her, I seriously don,t know what this girl is doing to me I have never felt this way about anyone is this how it feels falling for someone.... then i guess i am falling...falling for her

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Selena Gomezas zahra
zayn malikas salman
Taylor Swiftas rayyanah
eleanor calderas zaminah
Lily Collinsas zaiyanah
Ariana Grande as marziya
Taylor Lautneras taylor
Harry Stylesas himself
louis tomlinsonas himself
niall horanas himself
Liam Payneas himself
danielle peazeras humeira
Joey Kingas sarah

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