I lost my Virginity to a Demon (but if he's a demon, why the HELL does he look like an ANGEL!?)

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I lost my Virginity to a Demon (if he's a Deomn, why the HELL does he look like an ANGEL!?)

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i'm pretty pleased by this six votes in one night, i'm happy that's the most so far

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Sarah looked at our backs as me and Adam walked back to his car

"so, where do you wanna go?" his voice sounded seductive and desirable

"i'm not one for skipping class, though Adam" i admitted

"you worry too much" he laughed

"and you don't worry enough" i smiled up at him, he planted another smacker on my mouth and i blushed happily

"c'mon we can go swimming, you know how to swim right?" he laughed

"uhhm, uhhh. yeah sure i know how to swim" jeez i'm such a bad liar

"jeez you are such a bad liar" Adam looked at my heard when he said this, as if he was reading my mind

"oh well, i'm not one for admitting things either" i looked at his eyes which were sparkling like stars on a cold night

"i noticed, so why are you and Sarah enemies?" he looked down at me as i was gaazing out onto the parking lot

"she used to belittle me at grade school, i got sick of her one day, and i slapped her in 7th grade, she was being nasty and calling me fatty so i poled her in the eye and slapped her across the cheek" i laughed remembering the feeling of hitting her, it felt so good just to hit her, and it certainly shut her up

"i bet that shut her wide mouth" Adam laughed

"hell yeah, she never bothered me since but after that i got a boyfriend in my freshman year at this high school and i was madly in love with him, well the bitch took him away and gave him her virginity" and i'm still a virgin i said it in my head

"don't worry about that we'll sort it out" Adam grinned