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all characters are fictional and any resemblances to real people living or dead are purely coincidental. copyright grace swann 2013   all right reserved. please do not use any characters that appear in this book without the authors permission.

I would like to thank my friends, favourite authors, english teacher and school librarian for encouraging me supporting my love of books. also I would like to thank my parents for the love they show me and for supporting me in everything.


Ψ Daphne ψ

“No mama, I will not marry Prince Jonathon. He’s simply barbaric. He told me he wanted to resurrect the witch trials. I will not allow a man like that with ten miles of me let alone any parliamentary influence!” the eighteen year old Princess Daphne said, imploring her mother to view her decision to refuse the prince’s suit through her eyes.

“Darling, I know you dont want to but you must marry before you turn twenty-one. Just promise me you will be more open minded, Daphne?” Queen Tiana pleaded having resigned herself to the fact that her daughter would not accept her latest proposal.

“All right mama. I promise I shall be more open minded. May I be excused now? I was just at the best part of my book when you called for me.” Daphne conceded.

“Very well, Daph. Oh, one more thing dear; your father wants you accompany your uncle to London on his diplomatic business this year. You need more experience.” The Queen replied. And Daphne, after replying in the affirmative, hurriedly returned to the library to continue with her book.

δ Nathan δ

He looked across the room to the girl whose dreams he was going to shatter later in the evening. How was he going to break to her that she just wasn’t the right person for him? Should he be harsh and suddenly spring it on her or should he tell her gently to make it easier for her even if he had to bear the water works that would undoubtedly follow.

He looked to the large grandfather clock by the raised platform on which the orchestra was set up. It was time. God help me he thought and crossed the ballroom walking steadily towards her.

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Taylor Swiftas Princess Daphne
Josh Hutchersonas Prince Nathan
Vivien Leighas Queen Tiana
Matt Dallasas King Rupert
Audrey Hepburnas Queen Isabelle
David Beckhamas King Alexander
Georgie Henleyas Princess Arianne

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