The Purge

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They saw. They came. They conquered.


375 years ago they sought us out.

They—a life force that came out of the skies like hurricanes of complete destruction. Created with the intention of human annihilation.

It was the kind of horror story that a child wouldn’t want to hear. It was the kind of tragic tale no one would ever forget. But then, it was the history we all learned.

They came with battle ships, with faces we knew nothing of, and with weapons far more advance than ours.

We did not expect their arrival. And so we humans were left unaided and defenseless. We learned to fear them. To hide and fend for ourselves in order to survive.

 And so, they conquered.

They. The aliens.

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Veni. Vidi. Vici


Sophie Nélisseas Halley Rowan
Charlie Roweas Conleth Argent
Odeya Rushas Bri Tyranica
Ian Nelsonas Athren Knox
Ciara Bravoas Sigourney Croff
Aramis Knightas Chivas Cantemir
India Eisleyas Imogen Morgenstern
Jeremy Irvineas Fygun Hawke

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