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How Virgins Think

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Hey guys, this is Mulan here and today, I’m going to interview Aurora, Ariel, Jasmine, and Rapunzel about how they get their crush’s attention!

By the way, this is dedicated to HowBoysThink for inspiring us! Thank you!

Mulan: Describe a successful way you got your crush’s attention.

Jasmine: I went up to him and said, “I’m sexy, you’re sexy, we should have sexy babies."

Rapunzel: Here’s my advice, don’t bother with crushes!

Aurora: I’ve never been successful in getting a guy’s attention in a good way.

Ariel: Go up and hug them.

*lots of royal mumbling and arguing later…*

Mulan: Describe a way you would love to try and get your crush’s attention.

Aurora: Hump him!

Rapunzel: What are you?

Jasmine: I would bump into him and be like, “Oh, sorry! Oh!” (In a really girly way with fluttering eye lashes, looking like a damsel in distress).

Ariel: Yes, hump him!

Mulan: What is the worst thing you’ve ever done to get your crush’s attention?

Jasmine: Um…I stole his shoes.

Aurora: I fell on top of him.

Ariel: Seriously? I tripped mine.

Rapunzel: I didn’t do anything.

Mulan: What were the results of those attempts?

Jasmine They [the shoes] smelled really bad. And I don’t like him anymore.

Aurora: He told me I was fat.

Ariel: *giggles*

Rapunzel: *rolls her eyes at how stupid we are*

Mulan: Describe an epic fail moment when it comes to getting your crush’s attention.

Rapunzel: Talking to him for a really long time and then realizing in the end that he was never listening to a word of it.

Jasmine: Thinking that the fact that he gave you his jacket was special.

Ariel: When they hear you talking about those really creepy stuff, like [Jasmine]…virginity rules.

Aurora: *remains silent*

Mulan: Describe a makeover process you would go through to get your crush’s attention.

Aurora: I wouldn’t; he should like me for who I am.

Jasmine: I actually like to cut my hair.

Rapunzel: Make-up is stupid.

Ariel: F-you.

Mulan: [Aurora] sounds just like me now! Cheesy!

Aurora: If he can’t accept me for who I am, then he’s a jackass.

Rapunzel: Yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck…

Jasmine: But no guy is going to like a girl who doesn’t even try.

Mulan: So what is the easy part of getting your crush’s attention?

Aurora: There is no easy part.

Rapunzel: Touché.

Ariel: If you wanna get their attention, talk to them.

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