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Doppelganger (1)

"This is so good," I said as I licked my ice cream cone. I was currently seated in a booth in dairy queen with four guys all in sweaty football uniforms. Their bags were all chucked on the ground in a big heap and right now it didn't look like the lady manning the cash register was happy about the mess.

My twin brother Jake rolled his eyes at me and continued texting. "You're such a five year old," I heard him mutter under his breath.

One of his best friends Felix gaped at my cone. "Dude!" He said. "You got her a cone but not me?"

I giggled at his outraged face. He looked like he was about to kill but I knew Felix would never do that. On the outside he may seem like he was hulk with his broad shoulders and huge muscles but his personality was the complete opposite! If you took a step past his appearance you would see that he was fun and outgoing.

He also had these amazing ocean blue eyes and soft blonde hair thought he was extremely insecure of himself. If he wasn't one of my brother's friend he could have been cute.

My big brother sighed dramatically and shot Felix a pointed look, "You're seventeen and you want an ice cream cone."

Felix shot him a glare. "So what?" He cried defensively. He took a labored breath in as he griped the edge of the table. I gave my brother a wary look and calmly patted Felix's arm.

Jake stood up quickly and walked towards the counter to get another cone for Felix. He shot us a glare as he lined up, I smiled and batted my eyelashes innocently as Felix shot him a glare back.

Felix had a really bad anger problem, over the years his therapist had helped him calm down a bit but some times he over acted. Te big guy was born with it so we tried to be as calm and gentle with him as possible; which also meant agree with Felix and don't get him angry and you'll be fine. Once Felix was angry you better run because that boy was unstoppable.

I hive five-ed Felix as I licked the cone in my other hand hand. I did whatever I could to make Jake's life horrible. The two other guys sitting in the booth with us looked at us and snorted.

Vanilla ice cream dribbled down my chin and I wiped it with my sleeve. There goes my new shirt, oh well.

"Way to be womanly, Bethany." Kenny said as he looked at my sleeve. He raised his eyebrows and shut his phone off with a click. His dark hair was mussed up from wearing a helmet and his face was covered with dirt.

"Not like you're very manly."

Zach snorted with laughter.He made a loud 'oohing' noise until Felix slapped his head to shut him up. Zachary was the funny one of the group.

Kenny just snorted and stuck his tongue out back at me childlishly. "Hey, Was that football game awesome or what?" He changed the subject smoothly. "We totally owned the other team!"

The boys then started talking vividly about the game.

Ah, Boys.

I still cant believe I was forced to go watch my brother's football game on a saturday night and had to sit there in the cold for hours and all they did was fall on each other while throwing a disformed ball! I had no idea how football worked and after five minutes I got bored and took my brothers hoodie from his bag and wore it so mine would not be wet.

What a great idea kallie! Then I put it back so he wouldn't know I wore it. Maybe I should tell him now.. I looked at his angry face as he waited for the cone. Maybe not. In return for watching the game I got some ice cream! I bit down to realize i finished my ice cream. I pouted sadly as I huffed.The boys paused their oh so exciting conversation to look at me.