"Wanna go clothes shopping with me first or shopping with Felix?" Marzia asks

"Can we go to gamestop?"

"That's a Felix thing."

Felix and I walked over to gamestop.

"Hey have you played the last of us yet?" He asked.

"Yeah, It was awesome!" I replied.

Once we got there I grabbed, very many games. I'd also like to start gaming. I love video games, so why not?

I went to the store across the mall to be with Marzia, Felix went to go for pants.

She had a black crop top with a laced laced back, A neon pink Sheer High-low, and a Minnie mouse crop top that is ties in the front.

After that store, Marzia let me go off on my own.

I went to this weird store, that sold a bunch of Hair Dye. Not normal hair dye, but pink, purple, green, and blue hair dyes basically.

Most people call colouring their hair, "dying." Which I understand, the chemicals do kill your hair. But hairdressers say, "colouring." Or if you are an American, "coloring."

This store played a musical genre I have never heard of before.

I have decided to call it, "Screamo" as the band Tees have said on the front.

I grabbed shirts from my favorite shows on Cartoon Network.

A shirt that says, "Spring break forever bitches." and a bracelet that has the Nyan Cat on it. And yes, "Nyan" means "Meow" in Japanese.

This costs me less then I expected, a total of Thirty pounds. Not bad considering the fact that its, me. Biggest spender ever.

I went to get some coffee. Yes, coffee. Not all British people like Tea.

Basically, Marzia said I could go to any store I want if I met up with her in the food court at eleven.

And really, I don't know many stores.

I went to this one store, and really, it was teeny, tiny. Smaller then your ex-boyfriend's dick.

(yes I just made that joke ooh-)

It sold many things. It was basically a T.A.R.D.I.S.

Smaller on the outside, bigger on the inside, confusing. I actually felt as if I had just walked inside The Doctor's tardis. Dorky, yes, I know. The store was the nerd store, it had Lord Of The Rings, Marvel, DC comics. Best store ever.

I bought a Doctor Who poster, that included all of the doctors. I think I am in love with a Nine Hundred year old m-

Wait. Loki Laufeyson is 1,048 years old, never mind actually. I bought a mini tardis, more like a coffee/tea cup. The complete series, and all my favorite Marvel movie.

I went to that kiddy craft store that every shopping center has.

Just to buy some Rhinestones, and a clear iPhone case.

I went to the book store right next to the arts and craft store. I brought the Divergent series, and Looking for Alaska, as I had previously read, The Fault In Our Stars.