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Black Butler Fanfic

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                                  It was a beautiful morning at the Palmer estate, and Lord and Lady Palmer were watching their young daughter play outside in the beautiful gardens that were in the backyard of the estate.                               The young child's name was Charlotte, she was a very beautiful young girl with long black hair that went passed her shoulders a bit, and big light blue eyes that would make anyone melt. She was loved greatly by her parents, and her servants. That day was a very special day for Charlotte, it was her 4th birthday.                                                                                                                                                                       Charlotte could not wait for her party that was to go on later that day. She was so excited that she could not stay still, she ran around the mansion for most of the morning. She was eventually stopped by her butler Garry, who picked up the young lady and took her to her father's study. Once there, Garry knocked on the door with his free hand, when they heard her father say "come in" Garry opened the door and walked in with Charlotte still in his arms. He then placed her gently in the seat facing her father's desk.                                                                                                                                 " Would you like me to prepare some tea , my lord " " that would be delightful , thank you Garry " Charlotte's father said to his loyal butler as he looked up from the book he was reading. Garry then left the room to go and and prepare the tea. It was silent for a few moments until Charlotte spoke up, " So daddy when is the party , I can't wait much longer " he chuckled at his daughter's excited demeanor. " Charlotte you must have patience , the party will be in a few hours, so you just have to occupy yourself with something else to do until then, okay dear" Charlotte frowned a bit , but then she smiled big and nodded. He gave her a heart warming smile and got out of his chair, he walked towards her and picked her up. As he did this he twirled her around and hugged her tightly, then he started to tickle her. She laughed as he did so. He went back to his chair and sat Charlotte on his lap.                                                                                                                                                                                              There was a knock on the door. " come in " her father said. Garry walked in with a servant's cart that had a tea pot and some tea cups on it. He then came to the desk and poured two cups of tea for them. He then reached down to the bottom of the cart and pulled out a chocolate chip cookie, he then handed the cookie to Charlotte with a genuine smile on his face. Charlotte looked at the cookie in awe, her light blue eyes were sparkiling with joy as she bit the cookie. " Thank you Garry!" Charlotte said as she tackled Garry in a hug. Garry wrapped his arms around the child

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