#18 BSM; you meet the boys (young age

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Zayn (age:2) It was Zayn's 20th bday and there was a party at his place and it was during your nap time so you when the lads came over you ran to Zayn and started tugging on his pants.

"What's up babe?" He asked picking you up

"I tired" you say burying you head into the crook of his neck. He let out a chuckle and and the boys all cooed at you. He told you that he'll carry you around and he let the boys say hi to you but, since you were the shy one like Zayn you just hid in his neck and the all cooed at you.

Louis (age:4) The boys were over at your house for Christmas and all your sisters were gone out so sadly you had no one to play with. The door bell rang and Louis picked you up to see the boys.

"(Y/N), these are my bandmates, say hi to them" he said smiling. To be honest, you were scared of them. All tall with tattoos and since you were little it scared you.

"H-hi" you say quietly and jumped out of his arms and ran to the other room. Minutes later Harry came and played with you and after all, they weren't that scary.

Niall (age:3) You were happily colouring in your book until you were disturb by 5 guys coming in. You didn't know who they except for your brother, Niall.

"NI!!!!!" You screamed running to him. He picked you up and spinned you around.

"Princess, these are my friends I sing with. Can you say hi to them?" he asked

"Hi do wanna colour wiv me?" you asked burying your head into the crook of Ni's neck. Louis said yes and you two end up colouring all day and they all became your friends. Aw

Liam (age: 6 months) Liam decided to babysit you since your parents were gone. you were currently sleeping until you were awoken by someone picking you up. You started crying until it was Liam who was soothing you and rocking you back and forth.

"Boys, meet my little angel (Y/N)." he said handing you to Niall.

"She's so cute" Zayn said rubbing your cheeks. During the whole afternoon, the boys tickled, sang and played with you. Lucky right?

Harry (age: 3) Harry took you to the studio today and it was your first and as a bonus, you get to meet the boys too! Once you were at the studio you were really shy but Harry reassured you nothing was gonna happen.

"(Y/N), babe say hi to my friends" Harry said picking you up

"Hi" you said quietly. The boys all awe'd at your shyness. Louis asked to hold you and Harry said yes but when he tried to hand you over to him you wouldn't budge at all and the boys started laughing crazy. Pretty shy you are.