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Scene 1

(Lights out while the concert lights liven the concert. Caleb’s band plays.)

Caleb: (sings) Whenever you go then I’ll be waiting/Whenever there’s loneliness you’re hating/Whenever you say you’re always gonna love me/I say ‘I told you so’/I told you so.

(Music slowly fades out then lights on. Music completely fades out as Sarah enters)

Sarah: (looks at all of them) Well, what’s happening in here?

Mark: (laughs then shrugs) We’re having a concert. We’re living our dreams.

Luis: (enters) Well, living your dreams inside a garage is the best thing to do.

Liz: Oh, please. This is just the start. Someday, you’d see us onstage—with people cheering for us. And you, Luis Alexander, would be pushing your way towards us just to get our autograph.

Caleb: Hey, that’s enough. (turns to John) Aren’t we writing a new song today? There’s gonna be another showcase of our talents next week. I think that it’s in our school.

Sarah: Oh, fine.(rolls eyes) Go on and write songs and perform and live your dreams. When you’re done daydreaming, we could be found in the living room. (leaves with Luis)

(All will sit down.)

Mark: (looks at all of them) Where’s the food?

Caleb: (confused) The food?

John: (smacks his forehead) Oh, no. Caleb has forgotten that human beings need food to survive. Where are the chips and the Coke? Where are the—

Liz: (stands up) Alright, everyone. Shut up and I’ll get the food. You start writing the song.(leaves)

Mark: (leans forward) Is it true?

Caleb: (starts to write on notebook) What is true? Is there anything that I should know?

John: (shakes head) No. But there’s something that we should learn from you. Is it true that you have feelings for Sarah?

Caleb: (looks directly at him) Yes.(pauses) As a friend. (goes back to writing)

Liz: (enters) Alright, guys. What are you talking about now? Anything essential for our new song or just another gossip for our vocalist?

Mark: (grabs chips then eats) Well, we’re questioning him like a prisoner already. But still, he wouldn’t tell us whether he feels something for Sarah or what. He says he does feel something for Sarah but only as a friend. But hey, that’s not what we mean, right John?

John: (nods then tries to get a chip from Mark) Right. And, duh, that’s so like showbiz. We’re just on our first step to stardom, remember?

Mark: (takes the chips away) Well, you’re not allowed to touch my food. This is mine.

John: And since when did it become yours? (tries to grab the chips from Mark) Hey! Not because you’re the one who asked for it means that you’re the only one who has a right to it.

Mark: (sticks his tongue out then turns to Caleb) So now what, Caleb? Are you going to ever talk to us or not?

Caleb: I actually like her.

Liz: (takes notebook and pen from Caleb then pulls him up) Then go and tell her. (pushes him towards exit)

Caleb: No way. (tries to pull away)

Mark, John, and Liz: (pushes him) Tell her now.

(Music plays then dancers enter)

Caleb: (sings) Wait, whoa/ Wait, whoa/ We were seventeen and invincible/ Had the world figured out/ And the girl on my shoulder told me ‘Everything’s gon’ be alright/ And everything was gonna be alright/ Yeah maybe we were in high school/ But you never see the ending when you’re young and not pretending/ Singing everything’s gonna be alright/ And everything was gonna be alright/ Buried her deep inside/ Stars go kill my eyes/ And now she’s got a boyfriend/ And I’ve got a rock band/ Cause nothing really ever goes the way it’s planned/ Yeah, she’s in Ohio/ And I’m on some back road/ Driving to the city and then who knows?/ Cause that’s all she wrote/ I wish that I could turn this car around/ But she’s got a boyfriend now. (sits back down again then sighs)

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