Could it really be me?


Chapter 1~

My Name is Mai, yes pronounced the same as the month 'May'. I'm 15 years old in a few weeks, so I'm half way through high school.
Some people say high school is probably the best time of your life, but not for me. I don't see anything good coming out of high school apart from education.
I have loads of.. well let's just say, friends, I'm not considered as 'popular' and I wouldn't really like to be.
So I'm one of those girls that are obsessed with literally every celebrity there is. To me they're all perfect in their own way.
So I guess everyone has their high school crushes, and fall-outs, and 'friendship drama' and funnily enough, I get dragged into them pretty much on a daily basis. But I don't really pay much attention to them anymore.

Anyway today's weather was beautiful and a perfect day to go out, so I called one of my closest mates asking if she wanted to go for a drink in Starbucks, and she picked up after which seemed like forever, around 7 rings.
"~Hey faith"
"Oh hi Mai!"
"~Do you wanna go to Starbucks, then do a little bit of shopping??"
"Yh sure when and where??"
"~Um we could meet outside EB station, in like an hour??"
"Um yeah sounds fun, I'll see you in an hour then!"
"~see ya"
And with that I immediately hung up, and shouted down the stairs to my mum "I'm going to meet Faith soon, I'll have my phone on me if you need anything!!"

So I went back to my room and searched through my cupboard for an outfit. I picked out a leopard print jumper and a pair of black leggings. I had a quick shower, and applied a little bit of make up, blush, mascara, eyeshadow etc.

I changed into my clothes and left my straightened hair out with a side parting. I slipped on a pair of black vans and left the house.
I was running a little late seeing as we we're meant to meet at 12:00 and now it was 12:15..
I hurried off the bus to see Faith standing there like a haha I feel so evil:p
"~Hey Faith!!"
"Oh there you are, I thought you weren't going to turn up!"
"~Aw I'm so sorry! I wouldn't bail on you like that anyway:p"
"I know:p Anyway let's get going"

*In Starbucks*
We bought our drinks and sat down, we were talking for what seemed forever, when in the middle of one of the stories Faith was telling me, my phone started vibrating.

"~Hello, mum?"
"Mai you need to come home now please"
"~What?? Why??!"
"It's complicating and I can't really explain over the phone, so please don't be difficult and come home"
"~Can't you just quickly tell me now?!?"
"Mai, home. Now!"
And with that - she hung up.

Wow my mum has never been that feisty with me on the phone, seeing as I'm an only child, she's always nice.
Faith was just sitting there also a little shocked and obviously asked why I looked irritated now.
"Mai what's up..??"
"~Idek! But I have to get now..:/"
"What Mai why?!"
"~I just told you..idk"
"Um ok"
"~I'll call you as soon as I know what's happened and you can come over to mine"
I gave her a small hug and hurried out of Starbucks. I felt extremely bad for being late then leaving her there alone. But it must be serious because my mum is Never like this..

So this is my first time ever writing one of these fan-fics, sorry for the short chapter but this was just an intro to what she has planned for her, so I hope you enjoy it:)

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