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Vampires (Edited)


Chapter 1 Introductions

My name is (was) Elizabeth Cassandra Rose (now, Lenoir but I added Rose to my middle name). I am twelve years old. I have a cat named Sophie, she's an orange maine coon. My mother's name was Rosie Rose, she had dark brown hair and almost white skin. She died at thirty-eight, four years ago, but I don't know where she was born or much about her. I am also quarter vampire and half-human. I bet you're wondering what other quarter I am, but I, myself, don't know. My father's name was George Rose and he was British. He had light brown hair and white pale skin. He died at forty-three (even though he was half-vampire) three months ago. He told me this before he died.


He whispered careful not to wake Sophie, my cat. We had her before mom died, she was at mom's death bed and now at his. "Cassie come close," he said before pausing, "I want to tell you something important." I came close. And he continued, "You're quarter vampire... and half human." I already knew this for one, I heard my parents talking at night about this. He took a long gasp for breath, about to continue, but he died. I heard the monitor do a long beep and I knew I would never hear what else I am from him, but I know it's not something he would want to talk about.

I lay down crying on the floor. Sophie jumped down from the bed and sat down near the back of my knees. When his nurse found me hours later on the floor with red eyes she hugged me and said, "It's alright kiddo. I know you miss him. So do I and everyone else." I didn't cry because I would miss him (I mean I would but not a lot) I cried because he was the only one who knew mom inside out, like the back of his hand. Many people knew mom but not really her secrets and how she was. But it isn't okay and still isn't.

*End of Flashback* 

At the funeral it rained as if everyone knew a great man's funeral was today. Most of the funeral I thinking of all the good times we had before mom died and before we turned into an awkward conversation family, as they labeled us.

I never paid attention to anything they talked about. I only snapped back into focus when people came and said how sorry they were, half of them looked like they were from his work, but I saw a group of an awkward family of five standing near the grave and looking at it. They weren't awkward because of their height or whatever, but because they were as beautiful as models but they didn't look very much alike.

They were godly like, as if statues of the Greek gods, but still didn't compare. I never saw them with my dad or even at his work. They were unusually pale like paper. One of them looked at me, as if sorry for my loss.

Her eyes were a rainbow of colors, enchanting almost like a bunch of fireworks went off in her eyes. It was like I was under a spell, if she asked me to do something I would do it but once I looked into them they changed to a light blue as if she felt ashamed of showing off her colorful eyes. She looked about twenty, but her eyes didn't reach it. Luckily they didn't come and say how sorry they were, I was tired of everyone (and I didn't want to snap at them and look rude, I didn't get a night's well rest).

I was set up for adoption right after the funeral. I waited a couple of days at the adoption center. I was surprised no one wanted to adopt me, I was and still am rich, my dad owned an estate and he was a doctor/scientist. I guess I was too awkward, beautiful and different for the humans. I was happy when I saw these godly creatures come to claim me.

I thought I was never going to be adopted, but that was before I met the Lenoirs, a family (or coven) of vampires who knew my father fourteen years ago. At the head is William Lenoir, the oldest, he was bit at twenty-eight, five hundred twenty eight years ago and his power is that he can stay up a whole night but still will be refreshed as if he slept. His job is that he has to try and find cures for cancer and stuff like that, basically he's a scientist. His hair is a hazelnut color and his skin has a hazlenutish tone to it. His true and only love is Clara. She was bit two-hundred-two years ago by a rogue vampire (not William) at twenty-eight and she has the gift of controlling weather. Her job is home d├ęcor designer. Her hair is a blond almost brown color and her skin is tan looking. Jesse was bit recently. Like the others when he was seventeen, he was bit five years ago and he has the power of teleporting (and can teleport other people by touching them). His hair is black and his skin is almondish color. His adopted sister is Esmeralda and her true love is Nate. Nate was bit, only seventy-two years ago. Nate has brown hair and a sort of peachish skin and he has the power to manipulate power by touching the person. Esmeralda was bit one-hundred eight years ago and amazingly she had the power to shape-shift. Both were bit when they were seventeen. Jessie was the only one left to find his true and only love.

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Zayn Malikas Jesse Lenior
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