The Gang Leader And The Troublemaker.


Before you read, I have to warn you that this entire book is unedited and its just...Man, it's horrible. I'm going to be editing and rewriting this book very soon!

Danielle Cross: Badass, sarcastic, loony, and couldn't give a damn about anything. Danielle is a 17 year old girl, and for the past 17 years of her life she has only done one thing. Cause trouble for her own entertainment.

When she moves from London to America with her Mum and Dad she's sent to high school. There she meets Aiden James: Sexy, mean, and very intimidating. So will it be love at first sight for them, or love at first fight?

HA who am I kidding, you'll be lucky to see any lovey dovey crap in this story.

Warning. Contains shit loads of swearing and an extreme load of sexual content. There will literally be a heck load of sexual content in nearly every chapter. Also, this story can get dark and quite kinky too. You have been warned.

There will be some private chapters because of the sexual content, so to read those chapters please follow me.

(Cover made by UJelly_)

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Any infringement of copyright is punishable by law.

In other words, do not copy anything, steal anything, or reproduce in any way. Because if I do find out that you have, I will find you, and I will smear your insides with tuna, hang a fishing hook down your throat, and hook out your organs one by one.

Just kidding! But still, don't do it. It's not cool.

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Vanessa Hudgensas Danielle Cross
Michael Trevinoas Aiden James
Jacqueline Emerson as Melissa Davis
Alexander Ludwigas Nathan
Corbin Bleuas Blaise
Use your imaginationas Vicky aka Fiona
Amanda Seyfriedas Shay
Tom Feltonas Liam
Tyler Poseyas Brandon
Davis Clevelandas Aaron James

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