Break up

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I watched one by one as they passed along the hat, Amy grined at me and shove the hat under my nose. I'm not looking forward to this. I didn't even want to go to this stupid party but Sarah my bestfriend thought it would cheer me up. My 2 year boyfriend broke up with me with no explaination, he just told me it's done. I hesitatedly reach in the hat and pulled out a phone that I recongnised. I accidently click a button and it light up showing a picture of me and Frankie. My heart nearly stopped knowing who I will be stuck with in a closet.

"Well go on!" Amy cheered.

I caught Sarah giving me a pity look. I look up and saw Frankie frowning at me, I drop my gaze to the floor forcing the tears away. I got up staring at the floor walking towards the closet. This is a stupid game, who invented 7 minutes in heaven. I can feel Frankie walking behind me, I heard the door shuting. It's pitch black in this closet and I was glad it was so he wouldn't see my face. I move far away from him, sitting in the corner of the closet.

I rest my chin on my knee hugging myself tightly hopping this will soon end. I can still remember the exact words he said to me when he broke it off.


I laughed at Sarah as she tried flirting with Levi once again. Sarah frown walking towards me like a sick puppy.

"There's always tomorrow" I chuckled.

"That's true" She quickly smiled again.

I laughed shaking my head at how persistance she can be. I saw Frankie leaning against his car. I sighed staring at the love of my life. He looks hotter than usual. His ash brown hair waved around with the wind, his white fitted shirt showed off his body, his glasses hiding away his eyes from the sun.

I snake my arms around him and kiss him gently.

"Hi" I smiled.

"Hey" He said emotionless.

"What's wrong?" I lean away looking at his face.

"We need to talk" His words cut through me and some how I knew this was bad news.

I look behind my shoulder towards Sarah who was texting.

"Sarah do you mind if you catch a ride with James today?" I asked.

She look up at me confused but soon realised that we wanted to be alone.

"Ok bye guys" She waved.

I look at Frankie worried, my throat began to dry. He looks so serious and emotionless, he's never like this. He hop in the car without a word I follwed him. He started the engine and drove to my house.

"What do you want to talk about?" I asked in a small voice.

He grip the steering wheel tightly like he's angry. I couldn't see his face, he is so focused on the road staring ahead.

"What's wrong baby?" I move my hand towards him worried.

He suddenly flinch away from me causing me to be a bit taken back at his reaction.

"We are over Ally" He whispered emotionless.

My mouth fell open shock at the sudden out burst. I couldn't understand why this is happening, I just don't get it. Did something change for him to not be with me? Dosn't he love me anymore? Did he become bored?

I can feel moisture building up from my eyes, as tears strream down my face uncontrolably.

"Why?" I manage to speak.

"We are just over! I don't want you anymore Ally!" He looked away from me slaming the breaks.