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Horror She Caused me


Just a few weeks ago, I encountered a disturbing, repeating experience that makes my stomach churn when I think about it. One night, I was lying in the dark, but my body wouldn't let me sleep. I tossed and turned, eager to plunge into the peaceful silence of sleep. My eyes were drooping ever so slightly, and, as if  far away, I heard the cracking of my door. Reality jerked me awake, and the growing crack of the door opening freaked me out a little.My parents were gone for a month, and my adult sister Arianna slowly inch into my room.Her eyes were closed, yet sometimes fluttered open a little.She finally made it in the darkness, holding something shiny and metalic. I could tell she was sleepwalking. As she got closer to my bed,I saw she was holding a knife.I felt if my heart had dropped had dropped in my stomach.I couldn't wake her up,because that could kill her.instead, I slowly and quietly crawled out of my bed,and into the corner of my room. She very slowly,got to the foot at the bed,and stood thcere for a while,before she stabbed the knife in the mattress.She tugged the blade out of my bed,and very slowly,walked out of the room.
I stood at the corner of my room for a while, too paralyzed

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