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Hey Dudes and Dudettes!

Dedicated to JustAsh_93 for the awesome cover made for me! All credit to Mendez Covers! :)

Forcade made my banner on the side, Actress/Model is Lindsay Ellingson ^_^

You're going to love this story, I guarantee it. ;P Just read it and prepare to laugh your pants off. :D


Ever been to Disneyworld? Not the one in California, the one in Florida with 4 theme parks.

Would you think twice about getting to know fellow tourists that happen to be in the same line with you? Or are they just another nuisance who is getting in your way to the ultimate roller coaster fun?

What if everywhere you go, you see the exact same person, in the exact same line as you?

Well isn’t that a coincidence – maybe too much of a coincidence to even be true. Maybe it’s fate, or maybe someone is messing with your head.

Odette Lamoreaux had been saving up ever since her childhood and now she is able to spend a week in Disneyworld. It was the graduation present she had always wanted and it finally came true. As happy as Odette was, her and 7 of her friends decided that it would be the summer of forgetting the past and a week of no regrets. During her stay in Disneyworld, she keeps bumping into the same group of people at the same ride, same fast pass time, and even in the same seating section on the coaster.

Strange enough, Odette didn’t mind it until one of the guys approached her.

Clearly, Odette had no idea what awaits her in the magical world of Disney…


Comment and tell me what you think about how the plot should go. Also tell me your favorite Disney Princess other than Cinderella (shes so damn overshadowing other princesses). I need this for writing puposes so please take the time to tell me~ I might enter the Watty Awards this year, but I'm going to need more support and suggestions. So.. yay or nay? :D

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