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Princeton Love Story


**You, Erica, Brae, Desteny And Todrianna (Dri) Are At School. It’s The Last Day So Ya Just Roaming around the Campus, Wearing this: **

You: Im Sick of School!.

Brae: You aint the only one girl.

Erica: One time for that!. Can’t Wait For The Summer

Dri: Any summer plans?

Desteny: Nopersz

Brae: The Usual..Chilling at the crib.

Dri: Me too. What about you missy

You: Well our mom gave me 5 tickets to a Mindless Behavior concert

**Your friends start yelling & jumping for joy. You just stand there in silence)

Erica: What’s wrong with you boo?! This is MB we talking about here!.

You: It’s just a past thing.

Brae: What happened back then that makes you hate MB so much?!

You: Im not telling ya the story.

Dri: Just tell us!.

You: No!

The bell rings and you guys go to your house

You: Im Home!. With company!

Your Mom: Hey Girls

You: Wasap Moms.

Erica: Hey Mom.

Friends: Hey Mrs. Hernandez

YM: Hi Ladies. Did you tell them about the tickets?

You: Yea...

Desteny: Oh she told us alright!.

Brae: And she said she’s not going.

YM: Why you said that?

You: Momsz you know my situation.

YM: You can’t let the past rule your life.

You: Yes iCan. Im Not going!.

YM: Yes you are, and your taking your sister & friends with you!. and you’re staying with the group for the rest of the summer. Bring your friends if you want but you’re going!.

You: Whoa!. That’s not fair!. You can’t do that!.

YM: iJust did!. Your Dad says its fine.

Dri: So...What we doing this summer?

You: I Guesz we're gonna be with MB all summer.

**Your friends Scream and dance around**

Erica: How did you pull that off Mom?

Dri: Really?!

YM: Jordayna will tell you

You: My room!.NOW!.

**You all go up into your room**

Brae: So…..

You:  So what?!

Brae: How did your mom pull that off.

You: She has contact with Princeton’s mom & their manager.

Erica: Dang!. I’ve been living with you for a year and now iFind out about these things. Well damn!. But what happened?

You: Well..Before he left to L .A. to audition for MB Prince lived here. We were great friends & iThought there was more to it. Then he left Miami for L .A. not even saying goodbye. iHated him since then. Ugh. But his mom is still in touch with my parents.


Dri: Trick!. What’s wrong with you!. You connected to PRINCETON!. Take it to your advantage.

You: Uh No. Well  gotta start packing. We’re going to the airport tonight. Go home, pack, then come back.

Desteny: I Gotta go home with Dri! We need to pack.

Brae: So Do I.

Erica: I Live here…so….yea…

**Your friends leave and it’s just you and Erica in your room**

Erica: How come you didn’t tell me about Princeton?

You: Our parents married each other after he left. Wasn’t really a need to tell you.

Erica: How sisterly. Does JayJay(Your BF) know about him?

You: NO!. and he’s not going to!.

**Your friends come back about an hour later. Ya head out to the airport wearing this: ya get there and fly to L . A. **

*Next Day*

** You, Your sis, and friends just got off the plane & are at LAX. They see MB and Keisha. You all walk over to them**

MB: Hey ladies

Friends: Heyyy

Prod: I Guesz ya gonna be with us all summer.

Erica: I Guesz so.

**Erica smiles**

Prod: Cute smile.

Erica: Thanks

You: Can we go now!

Roc: I’m not sure we met before cutie!. What’s your name?

You: Jordayna!. Goodbye!.

**You walk to the car with your hoodie on. Prince comes running after you**

Prince: DayDay!. Jordayna!. STOP!.

You: What!

Prince: What the hell is wrong with you!. You weren’t like this before!.

You: Yea!. That’s was before you left! Ugh!.

**You get in the car and Jam to your iPod the whole ride to the house. You guys get there**

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Chapter 1


Parker Poseyas Jordayna
Princetonas Himself
Roc Royalas Himself
Ray Rayas Himself
Prodigyas Himself
Paige Hurdas Erica
Alix Laprias Dri
Logan Browningas Desteny
Reginaeas Brae
Tequan Richmondas JayJay
Gennisas Himself
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Jacob Latimoreas Himself
Katlynn Smithas Lexi
Tahj Mowryas Aaron
Aja Georgeas Aja

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